22 July, 2014

My Forged Wedding - 20 Questions for Akito

 (*Note: Thanks  kathleen4ever on tumblr for this page!)
Q1: Tell us a few basics about yourself!
"My name is Akito Kakiuchi. I’m 25. I’m a Sagittarius with a November birthday, and my blood type is B."

Q2: What are your hobbies and special talents?
"My hobby is collecting essential oils and nail polish. I guess my special talent is doing nails and giving hand massages. I’m especially good at drawing nail designs."

Q3: What’s your favorite food?
"Man, you’re nosy. … Fine. I’m a growing boy so my favorite food is probably Bisco biscuits. Right now I’m into collecting lots of flavors."

Q4: What food don’t you like?

"I can’t really handle shellfish. I got food poisoning from them as a kid…"

Q5: Why did you get into your current line of work?
"Because I wanted to be there to help people who have no self-confidence. It makes me happy to see how much more positive my clients feel, both physically and emotionally, after I make them pretty. Whoa, I got a little too passionate there."

Q6: If you weren’t doing your current job, what job would you have and why?
"Hmm… a hair stylist? Definitely something that helps inspire people to change."

Q7: Can you hold your alcohol?
"Well, I do okay. I’m not making my fellow Kyushu men look bad or anything."

Q8: What’s your favorite saying or motto?
“‘Beauty is not built in a day.’”

Q9: What childhood memory left the biggest impression on you?
"I guess the time we went to a temple in <name>’s neighborhood on New Year’s Eve. We did New Year’s stuff together, ringing the temple bell and drinking amazake. How many years ago was that, anyway?”

Q10: Where do you like to go on dates?
"I like the beach and stuff, but if we can, it’s nice to just stay home."

Q11: What type of woman do you like?
"Someone beautiful and graceful… but, well, ideals and reality are different."

Q12: What type of hair do you like on women?
"If her hairstyle suits her, I have no complaints."

Q13: What’s something girls do that you find irresistible?
"Smile happily when listening to me."

Q14: Are you the type to spoil your girlfriend or the type to want to be spoiled?
"If I had to pick one, I guess I would say the type to want to be spoiled?"

Q15: Do you consider yourself more of a sadist or a masochist?
"Probably a masochist? … Hey, you’re imagining something weird, aren’t you?"

Q16: What part of the body do you have a thing for?
"Hands. I love it when girls take good care of their hands."

Q17: If you got married, would you do part of the chores? And if you would, what are you good at?
"I don’t hate doing chores or anything so I’d do whatever. Even if your hands get chapped, I’ll take care of them for you so don’t worry."

Q18: What’s your idea of an ideal marriage?
"<name>’s parents basically have the ideal marriage. I’ve heard them argue, but I’ve also heard them have fun together."

Q19: What impression do you have of each of the guys in the Long Island crew?
"Kuni still flies by the seat of his pants. Yamato reminds me of the red Power Ranger. Saeki is my regular. We get along and I can confide in him. Takao is like a big brother who takes care of everyone. Ren feels like a little brother. Yuta is like an old friend. Kyoichi feels ahead of everyone in life. Haruka is like the ideal Japanese beauty."

Q20: Any closing remarks?
"I may be new but I won’t go easy on you… so be ready. That’s right, take care of your body so I can touch you anytime, okay?"






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