08 November, 2014

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Cinderella Contract Event


Sub Stories
are Out Now!
  The Next Step: Hokkaido
The Next Step: Cherry blossoms

Chikage: Sequel Epilogue – OUT NOW!

What Happens:
Chikage suddenly asks you on a date.
You’re thrilled by how at ease he is in an upscale restaurant.
There’s actually a secret behind his unusual behavior...

Chikage wants to know more about you?
What does he write to you in your shared journal?
Find out in the Sequel Epilogue!

Chikage’s Main Story, Epilogue, Sequel, and His PoV are ON SALE right now!
Be sure to check them out before you get his Sequel Epilogue!


Happy Thanksgiving from Voltage!
To thank our loyal users, the following apps are having a SALE for a limited time only!

★My Sweet Bodyguard
All 1st Sequels on sale NOW!
All sub stories on sale on Cyber Monday only (12/1)!

★Dreamy Days in West Tokyo
All Season 1 Sequels on sale NOW!

★10 Days With My Devil
All sub stories on sale on Cyber Monday only (12/1)!

★Class Trip Crush
Pre-Wedding Sale!! All Season 1 and Season 2 stories on sale NOW!
All sub stories on sale on Cyber Monday only (12/1)!

Congratulations to all the loyal Chiaki Fans out there!

His Special Image is available to all users that bought his Bundle or all his Season 1 Stories by 11/15 (PST)! Tap the "Current Campaigns" button to claim your prize!

*~You're All I Want for Christmas~*

Enjoy Christmas with Haruki, Ryuzo, Ichigo, Takeshi, Rihito and Johji!

Johji has done so much for everyone, so you and the guys decide to throw him a surprise Christmas party! During the celebration, you get a text from your guy…
“I wanna take you somewhere. Let's sneak away.”

Where will he take you? And what special Christmas present will he give you?

**Included is a special image of all the guys together!**

Miyabi: Sequel Epilogue– OUT NOW!

On your way home from shopping, Miyabi is scouted as a reader model for a magazine.
Normally he’d have no interest and refuse,
but for some reason he’s really into the idea!

“I’ll show you I’m the perfect model!”

What is happening here!?


Sub Story: My Royal Wedding,
a special crossover featuring
My Forged Wedding and Be My Princess 2, are OUT NOW!

Be My Princess 2 ~My Royal Wedding’s Story~
On your trip to Japan with the princes,
the boys of My Forged Wedding try to steal you away!?

*Each story is about two different events! Look forward to both!

Eisuke's Story Bundle
Now Available

  Main Story
Sequel Epilogue
...For one low price!!

Haven't tried the King of Tres Spades stories yet? Eisuke Ichinomiya's Bundle is now available!!
Learn what made the cold, possessive leader of the Ichinomiya group who he is! Fall in love with the King!!

*~Satoru's Wedding Sequel is Now Available!!~*

Satoru formally takes his place as leader, and the two of you start living together! Inevitably you start thinking about marriage, but then...one of Satoru’s teammates gets murdered, and the suspect of the crime is...Satoru?! How will this affect your wedding?!

*~Satoru's Story Bundle is Out Now!!~*

By buying the story bundle, you will receive the following:

★Main Story
★Dating a Demon

All four stories for a 20% discount! If you've been wanting to read Satoru's stories, now's your chance!!

If you buy the bundle OR have all the stories in the bundle bought separately by December 1st, you will receive a special never before seen image at a later date!

**Warning: Deleting and re-installing the app or restoring purchases may cause the special image to not appear. You will need to use your transfer codes in order to see the image.**

Kiyoharu Nanahoshi

End Set
Sequel Epilogue

Your living with the detectives at the agency, helping them with the cases, when all the sudden Kiyoharu pops the question!? I-it's kinda sudden isn't it...?

But it turns out that he needs you to go undercover with him to investigate a black market auction and forged artifacts. Can you find out who is selling these forgeries in time? Just when you think you and Kiyoharu have it all figured out, a man from your past sends your relationship into a tailspin!

Can true love blossom from a lie??

Sub Story

A Poem from Him: Shinra is out
What does a poem written by Shinra look like...?

Have you played "Our First Christmas" yet?

Santa "Hohoho, if you've been a good Voltage fan and bought this story, you might just get a special gift when the second Christmas Story comes out! Hohoho!"

Special Sale

Be My Princess: PARTY's first Town Event is here!

Read the Main Story to collect Jewel Points in the Queen's Jewels Town Event!
Make your town fit for a Queen with glimmering jewels!

Only until 12/2 7:00 (UTC)!

Gedonelune Magic News

Host: “Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Today, we have a special guest from Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy!
Please welcome, Yukiya Reizen! *applause* *opening chime*”

Yukiya:“Um... I'm so honored to be here at the GMN studio. Well, I'm Yukiya Reizen as you already know... I was told to introduce myself...but...”




Yukiya:“I don't really have much to talk about myself... I should leave now. Bye...”

Elias:“Wait! You can't just leave like that. I just stop by to see how you are doing, but it's just as I expected!”


Elias:“Yukiya, I wouldn't say that you should fool around like Luca, but you must have a little bit of hospitality to entertain our audience... Think about many Shall we date? fans waiting for the new release of Wizardess Heart +.”

Yukiya:“What should I do then?”

Elias:“Oh, do you ask me that...? Hmmm...”


Luca:“*Sigh* Seems like it's my turn again.”

Elias:“No! you again?!”

Luca:“How rude. I'm here to give an advice for you two, the stray sheep. Come on, Elias. Why don't we introduce Yukiya in his behalf.”

Yukiya:“...I see.”

Elias:“Although it's Luca... He has a point there.”

Luca:“Ok, then! You go first, Elias.”

Elias:“Yukiya is my roommate... He is quiet and gentle. I have no complaints about him as my roommate. Though his grades are average, I would say he is a good student. No skipping classes. And... He is always accompanied with Wolf Familiar. That's all.”

Luca:“Hmm. Just an average introduction. How boring.”

Yukiya:“I agree.”

Elias:“Ngh! Even Yukiya agreed Luca... Alright, let's see how Luca goes!”

Luca:“Yukiya Reizen. Cool and quiet. Is his antisociality out of hatred towards others? Or something else? What's the truth hidden under the mysterious eyepatch!

Elias:“Wow... Mmm... Nice...”

Yukiya:“Next topic coming up is our school, Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy. I'll leave it you guys again...”

Host:“Okaaaaay! We just saw the beautiful friendship of three handsome wizards! Please give them warm applause! See you next time! PLEASE STAY TUNED! *applause* *ending chime*

This is from GMN, Gedonelune Magic News.”

[Rerelease] "Newlywed Challenges" Part 1

Experience this SWEET newlywed life!
Have you read a event story“Newlywed”yet?

You will receive a special avatar item from him every time
you finish reading each chapter.
Collect all items to complete these cozy styles! Have a relaxing time with him!

Limited Time Offer!
Period: Until Dec. 3, 9:00 p.m. (PST)
Price: 200P-Coin per Chapter
*After the above period, the price will be 300P-Coin.


If you complete the ending in a short period of time, you will get... JEAN’S SPECIAL AVATAR ITEMS!!
These are as exciting and attractive as the story itself♪

And, to support you to complete early, we will have Item Sets on a big sale!!
↑Our lovely friend Bones made sure that you will have a good time in Niflheim without worrying about the expenses... 

NEW Spin-Off Story "You Can Count on Me"

He put his arms around me in an embrace....
He smiled at me reassuringly.
I gave Ocean a squeeze. His body smelled of the sea and the sun....

"You Can Count on Me" of Thumbelina version Coming soon!

And Big Chance!
Cheering Sets SALE are now on! Up to 50% off.
Sale period: Until Dec.16th 5:00 p.m.(PST)

New Spin-off and Special Ninja Lottery Event!!

"Unexpected Experience" Kazemasa and Goyo>

You can get Lovely Chibi-characters Special Photos of Kazemasa and Goyo for prizes!!
Too good to miss it!

Until Dec. 8th 12:00am (PST)

Asim's love lesson gacha is out !!

You're invited to a party in a luxury mansion.
But because of Jack's irresponsive behavior,
it turned out you have to play an instrument (rebab) during a live with Lyle...

"It's ok, I'll teach you. But first, relax..."

He hugs you from behind,
and feeling his body against yours
your heartbeats are getting faster and faster...

First, check the prologue for free !

A mini avatar event is coming !

It is almost Christmas ! Enjoy the magic atmosphere of a X'mas all in white by equiping you avatar with special and limited items !

Spin the X'mas gacha for free one a day and get items such as healing oil, items for your avatar or X'mas socks ! Save enough Socks and echange it against items especially for Christmas !

Bonus : This event and its avatar items are limited to My Sweet Proposal's english and chinese version !
*Avatar you exchange will increase your affection points with each character.

A new gacha "Puppy Date" is available ! 

Among 10 items, 3 rare items : a cute story for each characters !
Discover his reaction in front of a cute dog !
Will he go gaga over it ?!

NEW GACHA is out!
Secret Library Date Fashion Gacha is now available!
Go on a library date with your husband in cozy knitwears! There's a Gacha Medal sale going on too, so don't miss it!

Until December 10th, 7:00 A.M. (UTC).

Kimura’s Sequel is finally out!

Trouble in paradise?
You knew it wouldn’t be easy dating while being in different departments.
But don’t give up just yet! Things are about to unfold in your relationship...?

Sub Story "A Poem from Him: Miyabi" – OUT NOW!

One day after the events of Miyabi’s sequel, he gives you something...

If you make a wish on a lantern and set it adrift on the water, your wish will come true...
What feelings was Miyabi hiding in the lantern he set adrift with you?

* Story contains one prologue and three main chapters – one from Miyabi’s PoV!

Happy Birthday Akito!

This month is all about Akito!
We’ve got a lot of his stories coming!
Make sure to check them out☆

Special Story - Before I Asked You Out -

Yuya "Man, it was pretty embarrassing! I hope my story didn't change your opinion of me too much!"

Mitsuru "...Well, now the whole world knows about my obsession with rabbits....and you."

*~Satoru's Story Bundle is Coming Soon!!~*

By buying the story bundle, you will receive the following:

★Main Story
★Dating a Demon

All four stories for a 20% discount! If you've been wanting to read Satoru's stories, now's your chance!!

If you buy the bundle OR have all the stories in the bundle bought separately by the deadline, you will receive a special never before seen image at a later date!

My Forged Wedding X Be My Princess 2 – Coming Soon

Sub Story: My Royal Wedding,
a special crossover featuring
My Forged Wedding and Be My Princess 2 - coming soon!!

Bonus: 2 special collaboration images!
* Each story is about two different events! Look forward to both!


"The Breaking News from the Wizardry World of ‘Shall we date?’ Brand!"

Hello, ladies and gentlemen!
Here's a newsflash from Gedonelune Magic News!

Today, the famous game brand ‘Shall we date?’ has announced the release of NEW GAME called "Wizardess Heart+"!
HOW EXCITING! Σd(゚∀゚)Yeah!!

The game seems to be coming up as a "free app", so it means you can play the game for FREE!
Can you all believe that?! You wanna know more about it, right?!

The concept is a visual novel dating sim game with full of fantasy and wizardry world, adventure, love, school life, and everything like those.
The game is set at the magic academy for wizards, and you, as a wizardess, can use magical items and cast spells in the game.
Everything here sounds just like a wizardry world, doesn’t it?!

You might be meeting with unique classmates, dormmate, professors and maybe some magical creatures... hopefully are cute ones!
Your school life at the academy is sure to be thrilling and adventurous with some romances and swoon moments!

It sounds so entertaining, doesn't it?! I mean, IT DOES FOR SURE.

From next time forth, we'll have some special guests from the wizardry world of Gedonelune, so we can know much more about "Wizardess Heart+". Don’t miss and stay tuned till the release! 


Ninja Love+ marks its 1st anniversary on Nov. 24. To celebrate this occasion, we will start a BIG event on Nov. 20, 1:00 a.m. (PST). During the event, you will have a chance to get an exclusive photo and avatar items that make you a beautiful bride! At the same time, the spin-off "First Anniversary" will be available. Why not indulge yourself in this sweet story? Don't miss this chance!

Now, are you ready to join in this celebration of Ninja Love+'s 1st anniversary? We hope you and ninjas will be happy together for years to come! Have fun!


Helllooo everybody! It's me, Producer K, who's working hard on prepping for the 6th character in Ninja Assassin+, "Hotaka".

Hotaka will be waiting for you in your device somewhere around the first half of December! He's a character with a unique taste, but I'm sure you'll enjoy being with him!

By now you should be able to read the new spin-off "The Hidden Side of Soji and The Mysteries". According to our screenplay planner, you'll be able to solve the whole mystery WHEN YOU READ NATSUME'S STORY.

So, if you're getting ready for a whole lot of reading, maybe you want to read Natsume's story last.

Now Available in Be My Princess: PARTY!

The Ambitious Princess's Ballroom Debut Gacha!
Spin the Gacha now to get lavish avatars fit for any royal party!
Don't miss your chance to be the belle of any ball with these fantastic fashions--and of course, the first spin is free!

Only until 12/4 7:00 (UTC)!


We are pleased to announce Be My Princess: PARTY is now available for Android devices!
Enjoy your new life as a princess...of course, with the handsome prince of your choice! Build your Town, invite friends, and go on Secret Dates to get special Town Stories in addition to the Main Story content!

Don't miss the early registration collaboration campaign with My Forged Wedding: PARTY!

Tap the banner on the top page of My Forged Wedding: PARTY to register and get your code!
Then, install Be My Princess: PARTY and look for the banner on the top page! (From the My Page screen, use the upper-right hand Menu button to access the top page, or swipe right on the lower navigation bar until the TOP button appears.)
Input the code given at My Forged Wedding: PARTY into the registration page to get a special set of 5 Love Passes, 3 Gems, and the special First Love Blush avatar item for Be My Princess: PARTY!
Then, return to My Forged Wedding: PARTY to get your Princess Hair avatar bonus! 

First Love -Honey-Crazed Sexy Darling- Event has begun!

See how crazy Saeki is about his Honey! Our event featuring the notorious playboy has begun!

Saeki's always caught up in scandals, and as usual, there's a rumor going on about him and a young actress madly in love. Seeing him unbelievably busy with work, you don't think much about the scandal... until you find out what he's been actually doing!?

Enjoy Saeki's Mini-Event!

**Variety Route will be added on 11/23(UTC).

Be sure to check out...
*Super Early Clear Bonus:
Clear 1 Happy End by 11/23 01:00am (UTC) and get Sexy Heart Eyes (Hazel)!
-This avatar will give you ABSOLUTE VICTORY while wearing it for the next event!

*Early Clear Bonus:
Clear both Happy Ends by 11/26 03:00am (UTC) and get a Milady Dress!

*Many other Special Prizes will be waiting for you, so be sure to check them all!

Only until 11/28 4:00pm (UTC)!

The year is 1864, at the end of the Edo period. A group of men bravely took action to extinguish a burning house. Those men were part of a group called the Shinsengumi. In order to protect the city of Kyoto, they would rush to any place that needed them. The curtain rises on the crusade of the members of the Shinsengumi, whose hearts burn as passionately as a the flames they fight…

Shall we date?: Ninja Assassin + Hanafuda Avalanche "The Hidden Side of Soji" is now out!


NEW Spin off
November 26 is Ren’s birthday!
(Happy Birthday, Ren!)

In this spin-off, you planned a surprise trip to Kyoto to celebrate Ren’s birthday.
You are about to enjoy an unordinary time with Ren.

So wait no more, it’s time to celebrate “ Ren’s birthday” NOW!

Lambert Spin-off "As You Wish" is Now Available!

Get this limited spin-off or you'll regret it!

Wow! Lambert's really become a butler?!
Your heart will beat faster when you see an unexpected side of him!

Collect Jewels and read the Spin-off "As You Wish"!
Don't miss out on special avatar items and NEW Photos either!

And Big Chance!
Cheering Sets SALE are now on!

Early Bierds period:Nov.24, 5:00 p.m.(PST)
Event period: Until Dec.3, 5:00 p.m.(PST)


*★*――*★* NOW AVAILABLE *★*――*★*
"Her Love in the Force" is finally available on both iTunes Store and Google Play!
Welcome to Public Safety Police Academy!
Start your new romance now♡ Instructor's Orders!

*★*――*★* STORY *★*――*★*
"Your instructor’s orders are absolute! "
You've landed in the Police Academy... that's filled only with men!
The super-strict instructors will train you in their policy of discipline with love!
But after all the strict training... the sweetest reward just might be waiting!
"Right now, you can rely on me as a man, not your instructor."


*~Steamy Days in Hot Springs~*

Takeshi finds a lottery ticket and wins a free trip to the hot springs! Everyone decides to go, which means...you’re the only girl?

Seeing all the guys in bath robes makes your heart pound…and there's a surprise plot twist at the end??

 NEW SUB STORY is out!

"Our First Christmas" is now available!

The Holiday Season is just around the corner and it's time to spend it with your favorite Seasonelle guy! But will you be able to finish up all your work before Christmas and enjoy it with him?

Find out in this early holiday special from Our Two Bedroom Story!

Re-New of Contract Marriage!

Now is called a Contract Marriage Plus!
by registering can get big bonuses!

The Wedding: Kanji is OUT NOW!

Kanji’s proposing to you on stage!?

"Since our high school class trip, you’ve always been there for me..."

Find out what happens in his story!

Sub Story: His PoV: Kyoga - out now!


“You really wanna know more about me?
It’s actually a secret, but I guess I’ll tell you!”

Sub Story Our First Night - is out now!

"It’s your first time spending
Akito’s birthday with him.
For his birthday, he says
he wants you.
Is he joking? Or... "

Sub Story: What's in a Kiss?
Now available!!

Sub Story Jealousy ~ Mamoru

Could he be...jealous?

You are waiting for Mamoru at the bar, when a tall, dark, mysterious man approaches and starts a conversation with you. But what will happen when Mamoru sees you with another man??

*★*――*★* A New App is Coming Soon! *★*――*★*

What do you expect to get from your instructors?
Private lessons... Interrogations... Physical training...!?

Oh, and by the way! Do NOT expect to find a girls' locker room in the all-male Police Academy!

Her Love in the Force - Coming Soon!

【Her Love in the Force Opening Movie】

*★*――*★* STORY *★*――*★*
"Your instructor’s orders are absolute!"
You've landed in the Police Academy... that's filled only with men!
The super-strict instructors will train you in their policy of discipline with love!
But after all the strict training... the sweetest reward just might be waiting!
"Right now, you can rely on me as a man, not your instructor."

Special Story: "Birthday Surprise" is OUT NOW!

It's your birthday! But for some reason the bodyguards are acting strangely... What could the surprise be!? Fireworks? An amusement park all to yourself? A romantic night in a fancy hotel?

By the way, this special story will come with a limited time only chibi image!! Download it before it's too late!

Sub Story: A Moonlight Celebration - out now!

The ayakashi throw you a party to cheer you up?!
A very strange celebration awaits you when you get home...

Special Story - Before I Asked You Out - is now available!

Nao "You'll get to see what was going on before I asked you out that day at school! I hope you read it!"

Sosuke's Main Story and Epilogue are Finally, Now Available!!

Read the first 3 chapters for FREE!

You never really got over your childhood crush, and you've kept your feelings to yourself all of these years.
Imagine reconnecting again years later,
having those same tingly feelings and yearnings come rushing back again.
...But she doesn't remember you.

Read Sosuke's main story to find out what happens between you and him!

★ New Spin-Off!!!★

At last!!! New Spin-off Story!!!
"A Different Side of Him" is Out!!!

Have fun reading these story!!

A few months after you had become queen. Somehow, he seemed a little odd lately. You soon find out that the secret behind his strange behavior...does it have anything to do with you?

NEW Spin-Off Story
"Temptation Mirror of Thumbelina version" is available!!

Both Thumbelina and Seanwhite put moves on you...
I thought my heart would burst, being caught between those two!

Cheering Sets are now on SALE, which are up to 50% OFF!

Sale period: Until Nov. 26th 5:00 p.m.(PST)
Shall we date?: My Fairy Tales+

 NEW CHARACTER coming soon for
My Sweet Proposal
The limited mini event "SEO EISHI PROLOGUE" is OPEN!◆◇
A new character's route coming on december 10th!

♡SEI Eishi♡

Before playing his main route why not take a look on the story ?♪

Plus !

If you read this prologue, you will be able to access to a hidden story of the main route coming★

Seo is passing by Higashiyama's cafe.
There, people are talking about you...
It's your unique chance to know what he was thinking
and what was his first impression of you before your know him!

This hidden story is related to the main route chapter 2 so don't miss it♪

This event is limite, from november 18th to the main route's release !
*The main route will be released on december 10th.

Special Story: "Birthday Surprise" is COMING SOON!

It's your birthday!
But for some reason the bodyguards are acting strangely...
What could the surprise be!?

By the way, this special story will come with a limited time only image! Get excited~

Yukinojo’s Sequel is out now!

“We’re a couple, why wouldn’t we kiss?”

You know how Yukinojo feels, but he’s waiting for you to make the first move.
Can you work up the courage to do it?

Wedding Vows: Kippei & Shohei Out Now!


On 11/14 11:00am UTC We have released our new title.
"Be My Princess: PARTY"


Enjoy the beautifully renewed illustrations and bgm!
As a new function, you can Build Town Spots and Hit the Town with your Prince!
Build your own Town and read sweet stories with your prince!
Don't miss your chance to go on dates with your handsome prince everyday and chase your happily ever after!

P.S. Don't forget your special gift for MFW-Party!

NEW GACHAS for Royal Midnight Kiss

We have the pleasure to announce that two new gacha are now available : Edward & Rene's Love Lesson Gacha !

★Among 7 items, one RARE item★

Get the rare item in each gacha capsule machine, wear it, and enjoy a new story♪
And increase your affection with all the item you get !

But first, go check the prologue for free !

NEW GAME is coming soon!

A few weeks ago I already wrote about this possible release. Now it is confirmed, that the next Voltage game will be this one : "Her Love in the Force" is the title.

"Your instructor’s orders are absolute! "

You've landed in the Police Academy... that's filled only with men!
The super-strict instructors will train you in their policy of discipline with love!
But after all the strict training... the sweetest reward just might be waiting!

"Right now, you can rely on me as a man, not your instructor."

Autumn Lady Fashion Gacha will be open until November 26th, 7:00 A.M. (UTC).
A special Gacha Medal set is also available!


Check out your "Shall we date?: Ninja Love+" app to get a special Present EVERY DAY!
To help you better find everything, here is a little help from Sandra (Thanks so much!):
1- Sushi
2- Purse
3- Dices
4- Truncheon (not entirely sure, but it’s the only possibility since all other prices are accurate)
5- Arrow
6- Tempura
7- Stripe tote bag - red
8- Sushi
9- Purse
10- Semi curly hair – light warm
11- Drawer
12- Purse
13- Knitwear and shirt style - sepia
14- Sushi
15- Tempura
16- Mouton boots - brown


Time limited special story now out for Okko's "Cinderella Contract"!
Until 11/24!


[Shall we date?: Guilty Alice #1]

Invitation Letter to the Tea Party

Date: Anytime!
Place: Anywhere!

"And so I really want you to join my tea party!
Oh! You don't know when and where the party's gonna be held at, do you?!
Hmm... Why not you just come and stay beside me? Then I can invite you anytime... Yes! That's a great idea!

Ah, I almost forget to introduce myself to you, huh?
I am Ma-... Oh, time's up already?!
Okay, well, I'll continue my self-introduction next time then!
I'm looking forward to seeing you soon, Alice!!"


"Princeeeess! Wow wow wow woooooow!
One of the biggest annual events in Niflheim, Thanksgiving Festival is coming uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!

During the Thanksgiving Festival, please come visit Niflheim

There are a whole lot of Acorns in the kingdom this season.

Collect as many Acorns as possible and get superb-nice-rare Avatar Items! We are generous, hehe... Please check the event page now! *rattle* *rattle* *rattle*

It’s getting chilly in autumn breeze, which might make you feel in need of a sweet love... Well well.

Why not have fun at the Thanksgiving Festival together with our unique residents in the Niflheim+!
(´∀`σ)σ "

Event period: Until Dec. 3 11:00 (PST)

NEW Spin-Off Story
"Temptation Mirror of Ocean version"

How did they expect me to remain calm
with two handsome guys holding both my hands?!

Temptation Mirror of Thumbelina version Coming soon!

And Big Chance!
Cheering Sets SALE are now on! Up to 50% off.

Sale period: Until Sep. 26th 5:00 p.m.(PST)
Shall we date?: My Fairy Tales+

Present Box Reform Campaign
Collect Gift Points by continuing your Main Story and turn your house into a cute Present Box! Don't miss the bonus stories for this campaign, since His Feelings are revealed for the first time!

Use this chance to reform your House AND get a Super Happy End to complete Thanksgiving Campaign!

Only until 11/21 (7:00 UTC)

Enter Now!

New Character in out!

Now Available!!!!
Rui Wakaba, Master of Disguise
Main Story
End Set

To the world he is the famous Rui Wakaba, child actor, loved by millions, golden and pure.... But what lies beneath that shiny facade?

An investigation into the fame's dark side draws you and Rui closer together. However as soon as you think you've figured him out, Rui throws up another wall between you. Will he ever show you the real Rui?

Can true love blossom from a lie??

✿Enchanted in the Moonlight -SALE-✿

Next is Shinra!
His Season 1 Main Story, Epilogue, Sequel, Sub Story: His PoV are now on sale!

Mitsuru Sanada's Main Story and Epilogue are out now!
He says that love is nothing more than an illusion and that he wants nothing to do with it...but is that what he really thinks? And wait...he's obsessed with... rabbits?!

Find out what lies behind those glasses in his Main Story& Epilogue!!

Hyuga's route out!

Hyuga's route for "Destiny Ninja's" spin off "Unexpected Happenings" is out!

Special Sale


Soon we can expect Samon's Story!!


Check your Metro PD app for the new special image! (I'll add it under "Other Pictures" on the games Main Page)

Saizo's route is out!

Saizo's route for the "Ninja Love+" spin off "Childhood Friend" is out.

Metro PD: Close to You –NEW RELEASE-

Long-Awaited, Kimura’s Main Story and Epilogue are Now Available!
Play Now!!

Special Sub Story Hidden Feelings – OUT NOW!

Comes with THREE very special bonuses
●Special Voiced Story (Limited time only!)
●Special Images
 ①Image made just for this story!
 ②Cute image of all the Moonlight characters

An Engaging Mission: Atsumu


You have a chance to win the event story "My Private Chef" and avatar items. Collect them and dress yourself in the "Pilgrim Style"! What's more, if you win all prizes from the Lucky Draw by Nov. 17, 01:00 a.m. (PST), you will receive extra avatar items! You will look like a pretty chef with those items!
Don't miss this chance! Have a sweet moment together with him

"New Release"
This is the last Sacred beast from Koyonplete's "Mystical Butterfly" series.
"-Seiryu-Mystical Butterfly"

*What If Stories are Coming Soon!!~*

What if he was your master and you were his servant, trapped in a forbidden love? Or what if he was your butler, but you had an arranged marriage with a man you didn't love?
Find out in these special stories, "If He Your..." Parts 1, 2 and 3!!

NEW CHARACTER(S) coming soon!

I'm really glad that many of you are digging Ninja Assassin+'s new character Natsume! Thank you so much, everyone!
And we're wasting no time in making the 6th character's story! Mwa-haha... Today I'll show you the rough sketch of him!
If everything goes smoooothly, you will be able to read his story by the first couple of weeks in December, so get your devices ready!

There's more! We are planning for a 7th character. (`・ω・´) Finally THAT character will come forth...

I've heard rumors (thanks Julianna for telling) that soon Voltage will delete some of their fewer used games. However, if that rumor is true and which games will be deleted, is still not decided/confirmed. Maybe they can't afford to have so many games and since they add a new game every month they will be even more busy with every game they release... so in other words, they dug their own grave with wanting to keep up with the Japanese Voltage. Well in the end we gamers are the one who "suffer" from their decision... (so NOT fair!!!)
Let's hope that it really is only a rumor, otherwhise we soon have again (Gree games will be deleted at the end of November) to say goodbye to some of our beloved games! :(


Buy Chiaki's Story bundle or all his Season 1 stories by 11/17 and you'll get a special Chibi Image!
If you have already bought all his Season 1 stories, you'll automatically get the image!
*Price may vary according to Country


A special Chikage Sub Story is coming soon!

“What would you do if you knew how I felt?
...Well, whatever. Do what you want.
You’re so curious...”

Get a special Thanksgiving background avatar item just for reading the Main Story!
Campaign Period: 11/07~11/21 7:00 A.M. (UTC)

If you complete one Main Story with a Super Happy Ending of any character’s route by November 21st 7:00 A.M. (UTC), you will receive a Thanksgiving w/ Mini Husbands background (Charm: 150) for your avatar!
If you complete a route with a Happy or Normal Ending instead, you will receive a 5000 Gacha Point Card.


On the "My Forged Wedding - Party" appeared this link. You can now Pre-Register for the upcoming New Party Game "Be my Prncess - Party".

You will receive 3 Gems, 5 Love Passes, and a special limited avatar item, once you start the new game.


A new special Gacha is now available for all those who have reached the 50+ Login Rank.
Just click on the Gacha Icon on the Main Page to go to the Special Gacha.

NEW EVENT for My Forged Wedding - Party

The event period from 10/29 to 11/11 7:00 A.M. (UTC).


Don't forget to download the special images!

*~Dreamy Story Bundles are Out Now!!~*

First up are Haruki, Ryuzo and Ichigo!

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★Season 1 Main Story
★Season 1 Epilogue
★Season 1 Sequel

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Yoh's Sequel Epilogue is NOW AVAILABLE!

You're off on your unexpected romantic getaway to Hawaii with Yoh!
Will things get hot and heavy between you guys? Find out NOW!

P.S. Yoh's Sequel is available too! ^^/

Season 3: The Wedding is OUT NOW!

“I vow to love you my whole life.”

It’s been years since you first met your boyfriend on a class trip…
You are finally getting married to him!

An Engaging Mission: Riki OUT NOW!!

Find out just how much being with you has changed Riki!


Give THIS POST 100 Likes and 100 Shares by 11/10 to find out which of our informants has the first TOP SECRET file about a new app!
We're counting on you!!

Breaking News Everyone!

To celebrate the releases of Season 3, we are having a “Pre-Wedding Sale”!
All Characters’ Season 1 and Season 2 are on sale for a special price!

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✿Enchanted in the Moonlight-FullMoon SALE✿

Next is Miyabi!
His Season 1 Main Story, Epilogue, Sequel, Sub Story: His PoV are now on sale!

Akito Sequel & Sequel Epilogue - are out now!

~Sequel Story~
You and Akito are now officially together and you couldn’t be happier. But things are different from how they used to be and you find yourself getting worried. However, Ren is there to listen to all your concerns... 

*~Ichigo's Living With Him Story~*

You and Ichigo finally start living together! Things are very sweet at home, with cakes and kisses from Ichigo....
But then one day, Ichigo gets offered a job at a big company in Osaka...how will this affect your relationship? Will the two of you become long distance again??

Metro PD: Close to You –Kimura- Coming soon!

Kimura doesn't butt in on other people's cases,
but he's always ready to help out someone in a bind.

Chiaki Yuasa - The Proposal is Out Now!

Chiaki needs you now more than ever...He's about to discover secrets from his past that may just be too much for him to handle! Will you be there with him to support him?

Yukinojo’s Main Story and Epilogue - now available!

~Yukinojo’s Epilogue~
Yukinojo has begun to open up to you.
Things between the two of you are feeling very couple-y…
but are you reading into things too much?
Can you really make Yukinojo yours?! 

*~Story Bundles are Coming to Dreamy!!~*

First up are Haruki, Ryuzo and Ichigo!

By buying the story bundle, you will receive the following:

★Season 1 Main Story
★Season 1 Epilogue
★Season 1 Sequel

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The "School Festival" special story with all the bodyguards & public safety officers guys is out now!!

Your drama club is putting on a play for the school festival! But when you find out that the lead actor is dropping out of the play, your men come to your rescue by dressing up and going on stage! How will the play turn out!?

AND if you purchase this sub story, you will be able to read part 2 of the VERY SPECIAL SNEAK PREVIEW after the ending (for a limited time only)!

Yoh's Sequel & Sequel Epilogue are out now!

"Believe me, whatever happens."
Yoh is working in flower arranging and things are going well for the two of you... until you hear about him with another girl!

Special Story - Wish Upon a Star - is now available!

What will your relationship be like in the future...? Where will you be in your Senior Year...? Find out on your date to go see the stars with your favorite guy!

You'll also get to read a story with Mitsuru!

Metro PD: Close to You –Kimura– Coming this month!

Kimura usually wears glasses but once they come off... That’s a different story!
What is he hiding behind those glasses?

☆★☆True Love Sweet Lies☆★☆

Are you Team Sakuya? Or Team Kiyoharu?

Brother, Twins, Rivals...

Kiyoharu and Sakuya Nanahoshi work at Fuse Investigations as detectives. They might be twins but that is as far as the similarities go. Kiyoharu is outgoing, specializing in undercover work in the darkest parts of Tokyo. Sakuya is an introvert, genius level hacker. Dark and Light...

Can you trust Kiyoharu with your heart? Or will Sakuya steal you away?

But what happens when they both fall for you??

Now Available:
Kiyoharu & Sakuya's...
Main Stories
Special End Sets

Can true love blossom from a lie??


Congratulations to all the loyal Minato Fans out there!

His Special Image is available to all users that bought his Bundle or all his Season 1 Stories by 10/27(PDT)!

Tap the "Current Campaigns" button to claim your prize!


Kyobashi looks so grave…
How will you support him when he’s having a hard time!?

Kyobashi’s Sequel is available NOW!


Our Full Moon Sale starts with Chikage!
His Season 1 Main Story, Epilogue, Sequel, Sub Story: His PoV are now on sale!

Mononoke Omikuji Fortune is now open!
Go get your fortune told by the ayakashi♪


The best way to start your day is to start with a morning smooch. So, you go first or wait for him?

New event "Sugar Candy Collection -Good Morning Smooch-" started! Collect sugar candies and get the limited story!

Sugar Candy Collection
Event period: Until Nov.19 8 p.m.(PST)
Early birds special: Until Nov.11 5 p.m.(PST)


Just started playing My Sweet Prince+?

Here is a good piece of information for you.

"The Prince's Temptation"is a popular spin-off story
that has been re-released with Complete Bonus (Avatar items) for this event.

"There’s only one man in my mind...
But other princes are making their every possible way to win my heart..."

You are about to discover and get involved in an unprecedented incident you’ll never forget.

Don’t miss out on all the fun and Complete Bonuses! (Only available in this event!)
And... Extremely rare avatar items are available ONLY in this event!

Event period: Until Nov. 19th 5:00 p.m.(PST)
Shall we date?: My Sweet Prince+

NEW Spin-off Stories 

of 3 Characters "Unexpected Happenings"
Limited time only! Autumn Event is also available!!

This time you can get Lovely Chibi-characters Special Photos for prizes!!

Autumn Event period : Now until Nov. 24th 12:00am (PST)

Hi everyone, it's me, Producer K, who ate 3 cups of yogurt in the morning.
We don't have Chobani in Japan yet. I wish I could get them more often...

Now, to business: the result of the new Ninja Assassin+'s screenplay vote!!! The ideas in the 6th - 4th places are...

6th place (1,295 votes): He puts a move on you in your dream.
5th place (1,647 votes): You nurse him while he is being sick.
4th place (2,158 votes): You secretly start a training to become a Ninja.

The TOP THREE ideas who got their chances to become the new screenplay are...


3rd place (2,856 votes): He goes on a trip to a hot spring with you.
2nd place (3,803 votes): You find out that you and he had some involvement in the past.
1st place (5,103 votes): You and he get wet in snow and share one blanket to cuddle... and warm up.

A round of applause for the three, please!! *clap clap*

Who doesn't like cuddling in one blanket, eh? Mwaaaaa! We're gonna wrap you all in the big blanket of love! Lovelanket, for short! LOL

Thanks again for your votes!! The screenplays are on their way!


Hello Princess! How are you?★ Are you enjoying the world of Niflheim? What! You are already a fan of my tweets?! Wow, you really do know how to tell the good stuff from bad!

Well, today I have a lovely news to tell you! For the first time in THE NIFLHEIM+, we have now released a collection of Spin-OFF stories, “Niflheim’s Strangest Night”!
Tonight is the night that everyone’s magical powers rise to the highest—and you will be greeted with many strange accidents!
Now, now, don’t be afraid, Princess. Discover the clues to solve these accidents with the knight you love!

If you complete an ending within the Early Birds Special period, you can get a Special Sweet Story that you can read forever! How wonderful, won’t you agree?!!

And what’s even more wonderful, I have elegantly added special set items at a very good deal in the Item Shop! I just want to help you read through the stories *roses bloom*

A clever and beautiful lady like you won’t miss a dandy chance like this, will you? I will be waiting for your visit, Princess!


FINALLY! The new character Natsume is now added!
If "Tsundere" is not your type, you can change him into your favorite type of man!

Finish reading the Natsume main story by Nov.19th and get early-bird bonuses of avatar items for Natsume!

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