12 February, 2015

[Walkthrough] Sleepless Cinderella (Party) - Noel Aijima - Season 1

(*Note: The best answers are those where you get a "Good Choice". If you still picked a wrong answer - don't worry. There are several Chemistry-Checkpoints where you can buy Chemistry with Gems. Sometimes you can get those Gems by completing the Daily Mission or with the Special Interview! If you encounter any wrong answeres here, please let me know, so I can fix them. Thanks!)

Common Route

Chapter 1: A World of Light

1.03 A: The governor of Tokyo in the city.
B: The Cabinet Minister on the left.
C: The CEO on the right. (Good Choice!)

~TF Mission~
Need 10 Trust Factor

Chapter 2: Lucky Cinderella

2.04 A: Not at all.
B: I introduced myself. (Good Choice!)
C: I made eye contact with him.

2.05 A: Force your way through the reporters.
B: Try talking to someone. (Good Choice!)
C: Take pictures.

Chapter 3: Up-close and Personal

3.05 A: Talk back at him. (Good Choice!)
B: Stare at him coldly.
C: Ignore him.

3.09 A: The bathroom.
B: The balcony.
C: The entrance. (Good Choice!)

Chapter 4: Spellbound

4.01 A: I can’t stand it. (Good Choice!)
B: I guess there’s nothing I can do…
C: I don’t want to deal with her.

4.09 A: My glasses.
B: My cell phone.
C: My jacket. (Good Choice!)

Season 1: Main Story

1.01 A: Pretend to be asleep.
B: Jump out of bed.
C: Try to keep cool. (Good Choice!)

1.04 A: Search for Yuzuki Kitaoji.
B: Search for Ryoichi Hirose.
C: Search for Mirai Kageyama. (Good Choice!)

1.? -> If you play the Sweet Route, you get a CG!

2.03 A: No, I'm by myself. (Good Choice!)
B: This is my first time here.
 C: I'll just be leaving.

2.07 A: Do you have any hobbies?
B: What's your favorite food?
C:Who's your favorite actor? (Good Choice!)

2.09 ~TF Mission~
Need 1,000 Trust Factor

3.02 A: Walk around the main floor.
B: Get something to eat.
C: Check my cell phone. (Good Choice!)

3.08 A: Push his hand off. (Good Choice!)
B: Give him a warning.
C: Casually step away from him.

3.09 ~Special Story~
To read it you need 10 Chemistry

Episode 4: Like Father, Like Son

4.04 A: Push to the front. (Good Choice!)
B: Blend in with the other reporters.
C: Shout a question out.

4.09 A: Apologize.
B: Don't make eye contact.
C: Stare right at him. (Good Choice!)

5.02 A: His racing uniform. (Good Choice!)
B: A suit.
C: In the nude.

5.05 ~Special Story~
To read it you need 20 Chemistry

5.09 A: Just laugh it off. (Good Choice!)
B: I get offended and deny it.
C: I play along with her joke.

6.02 A: Give him a cough drop. (Good Choice!)
B: Give him a lollipop.
C: Give him a soft candy.

6.09 A: Slap his hand off. (Good Choice!)
B: Ignore him.
C: Yell out loud.

6.10 ~Special Story~
To read it you need 30 Chemistry

7.02 A: A high class hotel. (Good Choice!)
B: A business motel.
C: A bed and breakfast.

7.09 A: Unflavoured milk.
B: Fruit milk.
C: Coffee flavoured milk. (Good Choice!)

8.05 A: Give it to Noel. (Good Choice!)
B: Put it back in the jacket.
C: Give it to the manager.

8.08 A: Working out. (Good Choice!)
B: Hanging out at home.
C: Hanging out at the casino.

9.04 A: I read the instruction manual. (Good Choice!)
B: I play around with it.
C: I turn the volume up.

9.09 A: Aijima.
B: Mr. Noel.
C: Noel. (Good Choice!)

9.10 ~Special Story~

To read it you need 40 Chemistry

10.02 A: White lillies.
B: Gentians.
C: Carnations. (Good Choice!)

10.04 ~TF Mission~

Need 25,000 Trust Factor

10.07 A: Stick up for Mr. Harrison. (Good Choice!)
B: Watch for both of them.
C: Try to persuade Noel.

11.03 A: Eat a bunch of sweets.
B: Go get a massage.
C: Go to the casino. (Good Choice!)

11.07 A: Choose the foie gras steak. (Good Choice!)
B: Choose the cake.
C: Choose the truffle pasta.

11.10 ~Special Story~

To read it you need 50 Chemistry

11.11 -> If you play the Sweet Route, you get a CG!

12.6 A: Tell him what happened.
B: Joke around. (Good Choice!)
C: Talk about it.

12.08 A: Laugh it off.
B: Tell him he's right, looking very serious. (Good Choice!)
C: Deny it.

13.05 A: Call Noe's manager.
B: Call Mirai. (Good Choice!)
C: Call Satskui.

13.10 A: It's just like she says
B: Everyone's worried about you.
C: I’m on your side, Noel. (Good Choice!)

13.? ~Special Story~
To read it you need 70 Chemistry

14.02 A: Act like everybody else.
B: Make yourself unnoticable.
C: Pretend not to have seen anything. (Good Choice!)

14.06 A: Ryoichi Hirose.
B:Yuzuki Kitaoji. (Good Choice!)
C: Chihaya Koda.

[no questions]
Get CG

[no questions]


  1. My device skipped over the first two parts of the Common Route.. I tried deleting it then downloading it again, but the same thing happened! Do you have any idea how I can fix this?

    1. That's a bug in the game! Please report it to Voltage Inc directly via the Support Centre or via an e-mail (-If you play on Android, please send a Mail to: android_mkt@voltage.co.jp and if you play on iOS go to this page -> http://pf.en.joshige.jp/contact/showTopContact).
      I hope they can fix this problem for you asap, so you can enjoy the game again!!!