10 March, 2016

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Arabian Dreams - Vafa

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin for the Walkthrough! Thank you!!)

Main Story

Starlight Night Ending

Are you a jinn?
No way.
Can you heal her?
I'm so glad it's safe.
Ask a lot of people
Do you think so?
I have to save him!
Call his name
Do you know who that is?
If we use your powers...
Because he's Vafa
Ask about Lorelei
Break it up
Drink the water
Think of a plan
Are you mad at me?
Believe in me.
Are you jealous?
Thank you.
Kiss his cheek


Moonlight Night Ending

Are you a monster?
What should I do?
Is there nothing we can do?
Vafa, you're amazing.
I haven't got any plans.
I think it will be fine.
Vafa will make everything all right.
Stare in shock
Are you feeling ok?
Maybe we should stay here.
Because of what Dunya said
Be surprised
Watch how it plays out
Call out to him
Convince Human Vafa to let you try
You're in a bad mood.
I don't want to run away.
You don't have to sulk.
Thank you.
Kiss his cheek

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