18 February, 2018

[Walkthrough] When Desiny Comes Knocking - Wataru Toge

(*Note: Special Thanks to Aiko for sending me this Walkthrough!
To fully grasp the story, I recommend to read the "In Demand Route" first and to choose all of Wataru's options.)

Main Story

Chapter One
You're making me blush.
Say you're surprised.

Chapter Two
I have a date.
I could say the same about you...

Chapter Three
I want a wedding that feels like me.
What are you doing here, Rheo?

Chapter Four
Try not to sound to eager.
Text Wataru

Chapter Five
I don't want to be a calculating person.
It beats being lazy.
Chapter Six

Continue looking at Wataru
Ask where you're going.
Chapter Seven

I'm sorry.
Become a better woman.

Chapter Eight
What am I missing?
I want to be there for you.

Chapter Nine
Be honest and admit you saw her.
Ask for one of his sanwiches.

Chapter Ten
To play with you again
Let them go.

Chapter Eleven
Like it would ever rain oranges.
We work together.

Chapter Twelve
Do I have any other choice?
Keep looking at him.

Super Happy End

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