08 December, 2018

[Walkthrough] Sweet Enchantments - Zain Blackwood

Season 1

(*Note: Sorry, this Walkthrough is still missing! If you by any chance have it, I would be very grateful if you could share them with us! Just send me a mail (dawnire@gmail.com) or post it in the comment box below. Thank you!)

[Walkthrough] Irresistible Mistakes - Yukihisa Maki

(*Note: For this game there are two Endings available - the Provocative Ending and the Heartfelt Ending. If you clear both Endings, you get a special VOICED movie - "A Kiss at Night"!)

Season 1: Main Story

Heartfelt Ending
(*Note: Special Thanks to Momo Neko for this Walkthrough!)

Episode 1
B- Let go of me, please.
B- I am going to report you as sexual harassment!

Episode 2
C- This weird doctor came on to me recently.
C- Nod

Episode 3
B- ... Not fair!
A- Seriously?

Episode 4
C- You’re joking...
B- It’s not the kind of thing I want to talk about out aloud.

Episode 5
C- Um, well...
C- Bourbon

Episode 6
B- I can’t forget.
C- ...

Episode 7
B- I guess you could say we are pals.
A- How am I supposed to respond to that?

Episode 8
A- I’ve never told you anything like that before.
C- Are you sure you are not the one who wanted to see me?

Episode 9
C- It’s nothing
A- So you've been married...?

Episode 10
A- Are my feelings a problem for you?
C- Now you are getting into semantics.

Episode 11
C- Is something wrong?
B- Why are you concerned about what I do?

Episode 12
B- You are super sweaty right now…
A- I don’t care if I get hurt.

Provocative Ending

Episode 1
A- What are you doing?!
C- I can wear whatever I want!

Episode 2
B- Work has me stressed out.
B- Deny it

Episode 3
C- I feel like I’ve been tricked...
B- You’re kidding.

Episode 4
A- I politely decline that offer, too.
C- There's nothing between us.

Episode 5
A- We are absolutely not close!
B- Beer

Episode 6
C- Was it really the alcohol’s fault that you said too much?
A- You are wrong.

Episode 7
A- We’re just co-workers.
A- How am I supposed to respond to that?

Episode 8
C- What if I told you I do want you to?
A- ...there’s such a thing as too much confidence.

Episode 9
B- When it’s not Friday, how do you spend your nights?
C- You’ve been having an affair...

Episode 10
C- I had a good time, too.
B- You make yourself pretty easy to misinterpret.

Episode 11
A- Yes, I’m happy to spend time with Mr Tachibana, but...
C- That’s why you grabbed my arm?

Episode 12
A- Thank you so much.
B- “Someone like me”? Don’t say that.

24 November, 2018

Moe! Ninja Girls - Season 5 Main Story CG's

(*Note: Special Thanks to Debra for letting me re-post her CG's! You can find the original pictures on her website HERE!)

Chapter 2
Chapter 3 Normal
Chapter 3 Premium #1
Chapter 3 Premium #2
Chapter 5 Normal
Chapter 5 Premium #1
Chapter 5 Premium #2
Chapter 7 Normal
Chapter 7 Premium #1
Chapter 7 Premium #2
Chapter 9 Normal
Chapter 9 Premium #1
Chapter 9 Premium #2
Chapter 10 Normal
Chapter 10 Premium #1
Chapter 10 Premium #2
Akari Ending #1
Akari Ending #2
Enju Ending #1
Enju Ending #2

[Walkthrough] Moe! Ninja Girls! - Season 5 Main Story (Akari & Enju)

(*Note: Special Thanks to Debra for letting me re-post this Walkthrough! You can find the original version HERE on Debra's website!)
(To get Akari's Ending, choose the answers that are maked with (Akari). To get Enju's, choose those with (Enju) at the end of the answers.)

Chapter 1: Seekers Creepers

It was my first time, what did you expect?!
I couldn't focus, okay?! (Akari)
Am I really that awful? (Enju)

I'd like to see Yamabuki's drawing of you, too (Enju)
Are you keeping Enju after school? (Akari)
Holy crap, that dojinshi!

That's not true, Akari (Akari)
Yes, I was thinking of Enju (Enju)
I can't stop thinking about dojinshi

Chapter 2: Busted


I don't remember any of it! (Akari)
This is a big misunderstanding! (Enju)
It was... squishy

Am I invisible? (Enju)
Would you get over it already? (Akari)
Don't do it, John

No, this is wrong! (Akari)
Enju's gonna yell at me! (Enju)
I'm actually okay with this!

Chapter 3: That swimsuit Episode

It's my first time swimming in swimtrunks (Enju)
I don't think so
I totally got this (Akari)

Akari's girl-next-door beauty (Akari)
Enju's awe-inspiring gorgeousness (Enju)
Ricka's ephemeral pale skin!

Avatar Checkpoint


Finally, some time to myself!
Tengge-san, do you need help with patrolling? (Enju)
I wouldn't mind observing the training (Akari)

Chapter 4: Taken

Is Tengge-san Okay? (Akari)
You mean Tengge-san got defeated? (Enju)
Did she get groped by a pervert?!

Soul Checkpoint

Akari's more likely to need the help (Akari)
I'll protect both of you (Enju)
This is no time for petty arguing

Uh, Akari! (Akari)
Um, Enju! (Enju)
Can I say both?

Chapter 5: Three's a Crowd

It's very cute, Akari (Akari)
Aren't we off topic here?
They say clothes make the man, Enju (Enju)

This 'Strong Sandwich' looks energizing (Akari)
I could go for some cake (Enju)
Where's the meaty stuff?

Avatar Checkpoint


I'll keep watch
Today was a fun day (Akari)
I'm glad I got my memory back

Chapter 6: Enemy of the School

...too late! (Enju)
...forgivable, because we had fun (Akari)
...a waste of time, we could've avoided all that extra effort

Soul Checkpoint

Akari! (Akari)
Enju! (Enju)

Don't overdo it (Akari)
Are you going to train too, Enju? (Enju)
So I'm going to be all alone...

Chapter 7: All out

Akari, show me what you've learned (Akari)
I want to see what you're working on, Enju (Enju)
I wonder what Myu is up to!

I-I couldn't see anything... (Akari)
Wait, this is all a misunderstanding! (Enju)
That was great...

Avatar Checkpoint


What was that for?! (Enju)
I-It hurts... (Akari)
It hurts... but in a good way...

Chapter 8: Come out, come out, wherever you are

Ask Akari for help (Akari)
Ask Enju for help (Enju)
Ricka... seems like she's having trouble

Did you put all this stuff together by yourself, Enju? (Enju)
So I just need to take these to the student council room?
What is all this stuff, anyway?

Soul Checkpoint

Seems useful for when you're looking for something (Enju)
Good for surrounding people (Akari)
It's a sexy trick, of course

Chapter 9: Brutal Betrayal

Enju, you have any idea?
There's nothing to worry about (Enju)
Eh, whatever

Avatar Checkpoint

I was doing it for Akari! (Akari)
It wasn't my fault! (Enju)
I'm never washing this hand again...

I'll get lonely without you (Enju)
I need someone to joke around with
D-Don't get the wrong idea!

Chapter 10: Abnormal Crisis

Let's move, Akari! (Akari)
Myu and Ricka, check other places!
John and Yamabuki, to the student council room!

Look at me (Akari)
They'll turn up eventually

Avatar Checkpoint


Let's go get Enju (Enju)
Let's go Akari (Akari)
This better be a good source

Chapter 11