20 March, 2016

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Love Tangle + Naoki Hozumi vs. Carlo Mazza

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin & Renee for her help with this Walkthrough!)

(*Note: Until after you have finished Chapter 4, your answers will raise the Love Compatibility Level, which shows you who of the two guys would be more suited for you. Those answers have NO influence on the Ending and/or the Intimacy Level. You also DON'T necessarily have to choose the guy with the highest Love Compatibility Level! Just choose whom you like best.)

Main Story

Chapter 1

1.08 Someone considerate. (+ Carlo)
Someone passionate. (+Naoki)

1.09 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 10 Points

Chapter 2

2.02 I saw him. (+ Carlo)
Glance at Naoki. (+Naoki)

2.08 Love Challenge
Premium: Naoki Avatar (Elegance +20) - 5 Diamond (get a CG)
Normal: Gingham Off-the-Shoulder Top (Blue) (Elegance +10) - 3,000 Kaled Cash or 4 Diamonds

2.09 Yeah, but... Carlo, you're as old as I thought. (+ Carlo)
Yeah, but I'm glad I know now. (+Naoki)

Chapter 3

3.02 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 1,200 Points

3.05 I'm worried I may not be of much help. (+Naoki)
I'd love to help you! (+ Carlo)
3.06 Love Challenge
Premium: Carlo Avatar (Sexiness +20) - 1 Diamond (get a CG)
Normal: Gingham Off-the-Shoulder Top (Red) (Sexiness +10) - 5 Kaled Cash

3.08 Naoki is dependable. (+Naoki)
The both of you are dependable. (+ Carlo)

Chapter 4

4.02 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 1,800 Points

4.04 I'd like to listen to something romantic. (+Naoki)
Do you have any Jazz? (+ Carlo)

4.09 You're right. (+ Carlo)
But I'm worried about us getting lost. (+Naoki)

4.10 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 4,000 Points


(*Note: From here on out, you can either play the (+ Carlo) or the (+Naoki) route. To read Naoki's Route, please scroll past Carlo's. Be aware, that from now on your answers will raise the Love Compatibility Level which decides on which Ending you get.)

Chapter 5

5.01 Go to Carlo (+ Carlo)
Shake my head in refusal

5.04 Love Challenge
Premium: Cute Apron Set (Sexiness +285) - 100 Diamonds (get a CG)
Normal: Apron Set (Sexiness +105) - 40 Diamonds or 4,000 Kaled Cash

5.09 React surprised (+ Carlo)
Tell him plainly to stop.

Chapter 6

6.01 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 8,500 Points

6.02 Say you don't understand
Tell him not to say that (+ Carlo)

6.05 Special Scenario
Get CG

6.08 Just leave the car
Ask what he was about to say (+ Carlo)

Chapter 7

7.04 I... probably do... (+ Carlo)
Dodge the subject

7.07 Close my eyes
Tell him to stop (+ Carlo)

Chapter 8

8.03 Wave at Carlo
Take the cub up to the window, so Carlo can see it (+ Carlo)

8.04 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 14,000 Points

8.05 Give hima a nod.
Play the fool, saying he owes this to me. (+ Carlo)

8.07 Love Challenge
Premium: Sparkle Crystal Dress Set (Sexiness +400) - 140 Diamond (get a CG)
Normal: Gradient Colour Dress Set (Sexiness +350) - 125 Diamonds or 17,000 Kaled Cash

Supreme Ending


1. Happy Ending = Default Ending
Get: 5x Story Ticket, 10x Diamond's, 1x Magic Cooking Item, 1x Background

2. Supreme Ending = Reach the Heart + 2 Picture's
Get: 10x Story Ticket, 25x Diamond's, 5x Magic Cooking Item,  1 Outfit for Her & for Him

3. Clear Supreme Ending for both Characters


Chapter 5

5.03 ... am too worried about Carlo to go with him.
... figure something is up and nod. (+Naoki)

5.07 Special Scenario
Get CG

5.08 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 5,500 Points

5.08 ... let's stay on the Ferris Wheel. (+Naoki)
... let's walk around the park to kill time.

Chapter 6

6.01 I know, I know.
It'll be hard, but I'll do my best. (+Naoki)

6.05 Love Challenge
Premium: Tulip Wrap Dress Set (Elegance +285) - 100 Diamonds (get a CG)
Normal: 3/4 Sleeve Dress Set (Elegance +200) - 90 Diamonds or 10,000 Kaled Cash

6.07 I'm gooing to check on them.
I'm going to serve them tea. (+Naoki)

Chapter 7

7.04 I'm worried about you. (+Naoki)
Well, I like your scroll.

7.07 Tell him not to say that.
Silently hold his hand back. (+Naoki)

Chapter 8

8.01 Turn eyes away from the garden, unable to bear looing at it.
Take care of the garden since it looks lonely. (+Naoki)

8.04 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 14,000 Points
8.05 ... I'd better go to the exhibition and confess. (+Naoki)
 ... I'd better clear up this misunderstanding, fast.

8.02 Love Challenge
Premium: Kimono Set (Red) (Elegance +400) - 140 Diamonds (get a CG)
Normal: Beautiful Kimono Set (Elegance +300) - 105 Diamonds or 12,000 Kaled Cash

Supreme Ending


1. Happy Ending = Default Ending
Get: 5x Story Ticket, 10x Diamond's, 1x Magic Cooking Item, 1x Background

2. Supreme Ending = Reach the Heart + 2 Picture's
Get: 10x Story Ticket, 25x Diamond's, 5x Magic Cooking Item,  1 Outfit for Her & for Him

3. Clear Supreme Ending for both Characters

11 March, 2016

Regency Love - Main Page

Experience life in the British Regency as a young gentlewoman, where you must maintain proper decorum, sharpen your wits, and find a suitable husband—or not!
With Regency Love, you can create your own story and interact with the world around you. Would you dance, practise the piano, or perhaps embroider a handkerchief? Take tea with your mother, visit an old friend, or ask after a new acquaintance, who just so happens to own a rather fetching waistcoat? Walk in the woods with a dashing companion, or discuss poetry with a reserved gentleman friend? The choice is entirely yours!

(*Note: This game has been featured on Polygon! Click HERE. )

(All Characters, Stories and Pictures belong to © Tea For Three Studios.)

Regency Love: Teaser Trailer on YouTube by Tea For Three Studios

My Rating:
Fun:             ★★★☆☆                              Drama:                          ★★★★☆
Horror:         ☆☆☆☆☆                               Mature content:            ☆☆☆☆☆
Love:           ★★★★★                               Art quality:                   ★★★★☆


I just LOVE it! If you're into Jane Austen or the Brontë sisters literature, then you are going to love this game for sure. You have the possibility to fall in love with two totally different gentlemen and can also change the fate of those around you.
The most impressive, beside the game itself, is the fact, that three ladies are doing all the work on their own! 
I just can't wait for the next character to be released!!!

Let us hear your own opinion. Add your rating. Just click on the icon above. ^

All about the Game

(*Note: All links lead to the "Regency Love Wikia" for that was the best and easiest solution, since the ladies from Tea For Three have made the Wikia themself, with contributions of their fans. I just didn't wanted to copy their whole Wikia, so it made more sense for me to just add links. Thanks for understanding! ^^)


Here's how to unlock the achievements you can make during the game.


"All delightful stories revolve around others, and so preoccupied you are with theirs, that you do not notice stumbling upon your very own tale."
Warning: These path descriptions will summarise the key events from the storyline of each potential bachelor. As such, there will be spoilers. They have striven to keep the summary vague whilst giving a sense of what transpires, but please keep this in mind before reading further.


Here you can find the Special Images you can get during the game, background Images and Fan Arts.


Warning: This page contains a comprehensive list of all possible game endings. The text of each epilogue is verbatim. As such, there will be spoilers! It is recommended that you play through the game on your own several times before visiting this page.

Your Family
The Worthingtons
The Earlwoods
Friends in Town
The Orphans
The Ashcrofts
Mr Curtis & Friends
Mr Graham & Friends

On Map

The standard map of the town of Darlington.
The following locations are all visible on the map, and are all included in the region known as
Off Map

The following locations are not visible on the map, and may be accessible only through a particular path. 

At Town
At Thornleigh Abbey

Trivia Questions

Here you can find the answers to the Questions you can find in Town or to the Hangman.

Fan Works <3

Here you can find Images and Fanfiction made by "Regency Love" fans.


There you can get the answers to following quesions:

And for the last some nice goodies: Bookmarks!

(To download the full sized Image, please click HERE and scroll down to the same Image. Then click on it and a zip. file will be downloaded)

That's all for now. Please try the game and if you're tweeting about Regency Love, please use the hashtag #RegencyLove to share your thoughts on the game—they'd absolutely love to know what you think! You can also find them on the following social media hangouts:
  • Twitter: @TeaForThreeTime
  • Facebook: /RegencyLove or /TeaForThreeStudios
  • Tumblr: teaforthreestudios

If you encounter any Problem:
- If you play on iOS, fill in the Inquiry Form on THIS page. 

Dear User/Guest, if you have some time, please check out the Credits Page.
I listed there everyone who I wanted to thank for their help with this blog.