22 February, 2015

Sleepless Cinderella (Party) - How to Play?

Hello Everyone!

On this page, I'll try to give you advices and explanations on how to play Sleepless Cinderella (Party)
Here's the general overview on what you can find on this page and where:
  • Advices from the Main Page
  • Starter Lesson
  • Starter Login Bonus
  • About Mission
  • About Closet
  • About Sweet Route & Normal Route
  • About VIP Room
Let me repeat my advices from the Main Page:
  • DON'T waste your Salary on clothes. You'll need the money to buy clothes for the mission
    (*Note: Sweet Route clothes can only be bought with Gems!)
  • Other possibility to receive clothes = play Events
  • Log in every day to receive daily bonus gifts. (Only available for the first 30 Days!)
  • Save as many "Snack Bars" (needed to replenish Stamina) as possible for the upcoming Events.
  • Make a review and add your ID. If s.o. adds you, you'll receive gifts.
  • Do "Interview" to get Salary & Trust Factors.
  • Invite as many friends (Scoop Mates) as possible. They'll help you complete "Interview" and you can greet them daily to get more Salary. 
  • Now and then, while reading the Main Story, you will get the possibility to read the Story from His POV. For this you'll need a certain amount on Chemistry. THIS is the moment for you to buy more Chemistry (with Gems) if you don't have enough. Remember: You need a certain amount to get a certain Ending! ;)
  • If you want to see your status, keep tapped on your Celebrityfor a few seconds
  • For more info's, look below:
 Starter Lesson

Starter Login Bonus


About Mission

About Closet

About Sweet Route & Normal Route

About VIP Room

[Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding (Party) - Birthday Magic (Saeki) Event - Exciting Birthday at Hawaii


A: But I have work...
B: I want to go!  (+200 Affection)

~Affection Mission~
Need 100 Affection

A: Call Saeki's name. (+200 Affection)
B: Swim away from the shadow. 

 ~Affection Mission~
Need 4,000 Affection

~Affection Mission~
Need 9,000 Affection
A: It's beautiful. (+200 Affection)
B: I envy them.

~Affection Mission to get the Happy End~
Need 11,000 Affection

~Affection Mission~
Need 14,000 Affection

A: Friendship and gratitude. 
B: Bond of love.  (+200 Affection)

~Affection Mission~
Need 17,000 Affection

Be my Princess (Party) - Happy Birthday to Keith Event - Main Page

Page Overview

Hello there!
On this page you'll find everything about the current Event you need to know. To give you a better overview about what and where you can find everything, I'll make a short list here. I hope it helps you and have fun with the Event! (^^,)o))

  • Page Overview & Event Explanation
  • Walkthroughs
  • Start Dash Fever
  • Route Bonus
  • Early Clear Bonus
  • Date Spot





Start Dash Fever

This Fever starts when you first enter the Event and lasts only 180 minutes!

Route Bonus

Early Clear Bonus


Date Spot

[Walkthrough] Be my Princess (Party) - Happy Birthday to Keith Event - Birthday Celebration w/ all the Princes



~Love Factor Mission~
Need 100 LF

A: Talk business. (+200 Love Factors)
B: Don't say anything.

~Love Factor Mission~
Need 500 LF

A: Absolutely not! (+200 Love Factors)
B: You can have the whipped cream if you want.

~Love Factor Mission~
Need 1,500 LF

~Love Factor Mission~
Need 3,500 LF

A: Look at Prince Keith. (+200 Love Factors)
B: Hesitate.

~Love Factor Mission to get the Secret Happy Ending~
Need 8,000 LF

 Secret Happy Ending

~Love Factor Mission~
Need 8,000 LF

A: Did you come to get me?
B: Thank you for the lion! (+200 Love Factors)

~Love Factor Mission~
Need 12,000 LF