19 September, 2016

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Guard me, Sherlock! - Sherlock Season 1

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin, Renee & Yashi for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story

0.03  -Quiz Time-
M (Correct)

Get 3x CG's

Chapter 1: Detective

1.03 Push him away.
Close your eyes. (Best Choice)

1.05 -Quiz Time-
Audrey. (Correct)

1.09 -Avatar Checkpoint-
Premium: Sherlock Holmes: 5 Jewel's or 500 Tokens + 2 CG

1.10 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 160pt

1.15 Look him in the eyes. (Best Choice)
Touch his hand.

Chapter 2: Reason

2.06 -Quiz Time-
Three. (Correct)

2.07 Walk behind him.
Walk next to him. (Best Choice)

2.11 Put my arm in his. (Best Choice)
Take his hand.

2.13 -Avatar Checkpoint-
Premium: Bathrobe (Blue/Him): 15 Jewel's + 2 CG
Normal: Sheep Ears: 12 Jewel's or 1,200 Token

Chapter 3: Our Bed

3.08 Close my eyes and wait for him to kiss me. (Best Choice)
Move my cheek towards his hand.

3.12 -Quiz Time-
Irene. (+Correct)

3.15 Look to the side. (Best Choice)
Look down.

3.16 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 4,200pt

Chapter 4: Up to No Good

4.02 Tell him that I'd rather he didn't come along.
Tell him to come with. It's more fun with more people. (Best Choice)

4.04 Get a CG

4.05 -Quiz Time-
Fish and Chips. 
Jaffa Cakes. (Correct)
Cinnamon tea.

4.09 You're not a bad person. (Best Choice)
I think you're adorable.

4.11 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 6,100pt
(Pass checkpoint within 4 hours to get 221 B Academy: A Rumor about John

Chapter 5: Closet

5.06 Lean up against his chest.
Put my arms around his back. (Best Choice)

5.07 I'm worried about John. (Best Choice)
What does it matter? We've got to get out of here.

5.09 Push the button.
Don't push the button. (Best Choice)

Chapter 6: Box and Kiss

6.04 -Quiz Time-
Lettuce, Bacon, Cheese
Bacon, Pickles, Lettuce
Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce (Correct)

6.08  … (Best Choice)
I love you.

6.10 Squeeze his hand back. (Best Choice)
Smile back at him.

6.12 -Avatar Checkpoint-
Premium: Matching Pyjama (Him): 55 Jewel's + 1 CG
Normal: Sheep Pillow: 45 Jewel's or 4,600 Token

Chapter 7: Partner

7.04 -Quiz Time-
12 (Correct)

7.06 About John. (Best Choice)
About Sarah.

7.09 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 15,300pt
(Pass checkpoint within 24 hours to get 221 B Academy: Mycroft is the Prep

7.16 Take the initiative and kiss him. (Best Choice)
Take the initiative and put your arms around him.

Chapter 8: "M"

8.03 -Quiz Time-
Elegant (Correct)

8.04 That we're planning on getting married. (Best Choice)
That we're still not planning on getting married.

8.06 -Avatar Checkpoint-
Premium: Chic Date Outfit: 55 Jewel's + 3 CG
Normal: Police Line Tape: 35 Jewel's or 3,500 Token

8.11 Touch his hand to my cheek.
Kiss his fingers. (Best Choice)

Chapter 9: Close Again

9.07 -Quiz Time-
6 turns
4 turns
2 turns (Correct)

9.09 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 24,000pt
(Pass checkpoint within 24 hours to get 221 B Academy: A Fiend in the Presiden's Office

9.11 Plant a kiss on his lips. (Best Choice)
Press my finger against his lips.

9.14 Take his hands and put them around my waist.
Hold him tight. (Best Choice)

Chapter 10: Confession

10.03 -Quiz Time-
Present. (Correct)

10.13 I love Sherlock. (Best Choice)
I love John, too.

10.08 -Avatar Checkpoint-
Premium: Soldier of Love Outfit (Him): 65 Jewel's + 3 CG
Normal: Aphrodite Head Veil: 45 Jewel's or 4,400 Token

10.16 I've been lonely while we've been apart.
What have you been doing while we've been apart? (Best Choice)

Blissful Ending


1. Blissful Ending
Get: 5x Story Tickets, 25x Jewels, 200x Power Recovery Item, 1x Outfit [Him]

2. Happy Ending
Get: 5x Story Tickets, 10x Jewels, 100x Power Recovery Item, 1x Background

3. Premium Prize


  1. hi! what 'bout CGs? thx for your good work ^^
    ~ oracle anon

  2. What are the biscuits for?! Lol can we use them?

    1. They are used for events. At the top of the event page you click apply and you get rewards.

  3. Hi I believe the CG listed at chapter 1.10 may possibly be a mistake as I've just gotten to that point and received no CG

  4. how can I see the picture?