19 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] Several Shades of Sadism - Mei Tarantino

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for the Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Chapter 1: The First Task

1.02 I'd like to do it (+5)
I'm not sure how good I'll be but
You can count on me

1.10 Nice catch
I'm so sorry (+5)
Thank you 

Chapter 2: Top Class Work

2.03 What do you mean (+5)
That's not true
Would you let me listen to me

2.06 Isn't that unhealthy
There's a policy I can get behind
Would you like some tea (+5)

Chapter 3: Chocolate Cake

3.03 Sorry sir (+5)
I was not

3.07 This just doesn't feel right
Are you sure aobut this
I'll go (+5)

3.10 Avatar Mission
Sweet Route: Red Beaded Strap Pumps Charm +40 - 300 RP
Normal Route: Black Ribbon Pumps Charm +30 - 150 RP/3000 Gold

Chapter 4: Leap

4.05 Come here please
Don't bother him (+5)
If you have to lick someone's shoes lick mine

4.07 I can learn (+5)
I don't know any
Enough for a basic conversation

Chapter 5: A Pro's Guts

5.05 Would you like something stronger
Would you Have preferred black tea
You want sugar right (+5)

5.08 May I
I would love to (+5)

5.10 Sweet Mission
Need 2,000+ Elegance

Chapter 6: First Apology

6.03 Listen to me anyway
Look at me
Why are you lying

6.07 What about you Mr. Mei
It went over my head
It was like a perfect harmony (+5)

6.10 Avatar Mission
Sweet Route: Peach Colored Eyes Charm +60 - 500 RP
Normal Route: Pink Knit Sweater Charm +50 - 200 RP/5,000 Gold

Chapter 7: The Silenced Piano

7.01 So should you (+5)
Nice catch

7.07 Do I really
I am a concierge
Is it because of you Mr. Mei (+5)

Chapter 8: All Alone

8.03 You're the weido
Thank you sir
Seriously (+5)

8.05 Probably not
Are you talking about you hands (+5)
I didn't say a word

8.10 Avatar Mission
Sweet Route: White Beach Dress Charm +80 - 600 RP
Normal Route: Grey Flare Skirt Charm +60 - 300 RP/6000 Gold

Chapter 9: Precious Hand

9.03 I'll eat what you won't
I want you to get better (+5)
Am I

9.08 I want to know (+5)
Are you sure aobut this
If you want to share

Chaper 10: Twinkling Star

10.01 You're going to watch all these (+5)
You're asking a bit much
You're going to go blind

10.09 Maybe I'm a natural
It's thanks to you (+5)
Oh gosh you think

Chapter 11: Resolve

11.05 Just a little (+5)
This guy here is better

11.08 You're making me blush +3
You don't have to thank me
That's so sweet

Happy End
Required Elegance: 16,000
Affection: 100+ Pts

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