19 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] Several Shades of Sadism - Rei Shindo

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for this Walkthrough! THANKS!)

Main Story

Chapter 1: Personal Accomplice

1.05 Hold on
I don't understand
I can't (+5)

1.07 I don't want to
Is that a joke (+5)
What did you say?

Chapter 2: Useless Concierge

2.01 Don't make fun of me (+5)
Don't try to be funny

2.06 Why haven't you given her a name
Are you embarrassed to name her (+5)
Can I name her

2.10 Sweet Mission 
Needs 250+ Elegance

Chapter 3: Night With The Demon King

3.05 I'm his girlfriend
I'm his friend
I'm His personal concierge (+5)

3.06 I decide to ask
I decide not to ask (+5)
I keep thinking

3.10 Avatar Mission
Sweet Route: Purple Beaded Strap Pumps (Charm +40) - 300 RP
Normal Route: Purple Ribbon Pumps (Charm +30)  - 150 RP/3000 Gold

Chapter 4: Swaying Emotions

4.01 Did you see (+5)
About Last Night

4.09 Let me feed you too
That won't make me like you (+5)
I'm not a pet

Chapter 5: One Step Closer

5.0? Sweet Mission
Needs ... Elegance

5.05 No I'm not
I do have sexual experiences (+5)
I don't deny it

5.10 I was going to refuse (+5)
I'm just curious
That has nothing to do with you

Chapter 6: First Smile

6.03 We'll be right back (+5)
We'll be home late
Would you like to come with us

6.07 I'm not being shy (+5)
No I don't want to
I'll sit somewhere else

6.10 Avatar Mission
Sweet Route: Deep Purple Eyes (Charm +60)  - 500 RP
Normal Route: Sweater (Charm +50) - 200 RP/5,000 Gold

Chapter 7: Questions

7.01 Nevermind
Are you sure about this (+5)

7.07 I was at a loss for words (+5)
I tried to get away
I tried to speak

7.10 Sweet Mission
Needs 4,000+ Elegance

Chapter 8: Revealed Secret

8.01 I'm scared to know the truth
I want to know (+5)
Are you sure about this

8.10 I called out to him
I just look at him
I hold his hand (+5)

8.10 Avatar Mission
Sweet Route:
Midnight Purple Dress (Charm +80) - 600 RP
Normal Route: Purple Flare Skirt (Charm +60) - 300 RP/6000 Gold

Chapter 9: At The End

9.03 I won't give up (+5)
I believe you
I won't let you go

9.10 Why didn't you answer my call (+5)
Where have you been
Say nothing

9.10 Sweet Mission
Needs 8,000+ Elegance

Chaper 10: End of The Line

10.05 I returned those words to him
I refuse to be dismissed
I'm at a loss (+5)

10.09 I feel distressed
I decide to stay (+5)
I'm at a loss for words

Chapter 11

11.05 That's impossible for me
I can't do anything right (+5)
I guess your right

11.06 I can't leave yet (+5)
I don't want to
I remained silent

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