30 June, 2018

[Walkthrough] Celebrity Darling - Haru Shindo

Main Story

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hausdrachin for this Walkthrough!
To read the Normal and Bad Ending and the Gameover Story, just click on them in the Chapter Selection.)

Episode 1
Get a drink.
Keep singing
Why did you scout me?

Episode 2
Talk to Momo
This is where you said to wait.

Episode 3
Checkbthe dressing room.
Don't go after him
Wear a disguise

Episode 4
I'd love to do it
Teach me how to take a good photo.
Be honest with him.

Episode 5
I have work that day.
Think of Haru.
Go to the dressing room.

Episode 6
Go home
Ask about Haru
I saw you in the neighborhood

Episode 7
How did you come up with it?

Episode 8
I don't want a new manager!!
His personal life
What's your favorite food?

Episode 9
Crop-top and shorts
Haru quit smoking
Take a deep breath

Episode 10
Sing how Haru wants you to.
Eat it right now

Episode 11
What do you mean?
What's she like?
You mean he likes my voice?

Episode 12
Get him back off
Haru said he wanted some space.
I was excited!

Episode 13
don't say anything
Hug momo

Episode 14
Do you know Haru well?
Go meet natsuki
Talk about the theme of family

Episode 15
Is that band famous?
Text momo
Of course I don't!

Episode 16
Dont answer
Stay there
What about you?

Episode 17
By the vending machine
I can't do that!
You're the coward!

Episode 18
I feel out of bed.
That goes for you too.
Go ahead and go.

Episode 19
Go ahead. I'm fine.
I miss you.
I can't.

Episode 20
Stare at him.

Happy Ending

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