February 22, 2015

Sleepless Cinderella (Party) - How to Play?

Advices before you start playing:
  • DON'T waste your Salary on clothes. You'll need the money to buy clothes for the mission
    (*Note: Sweet Route clothes can only be bought with Gems!)
  • Other possibility to receive clothes = play Events
  • Log in every day to receive daily bonus gifts. (Only available for the first 30 Days!)
  • Save as many "Snack Bars" (needed to replenish Stamina) as possible for the upcoming Events.
  • Make a review and add your ID. If s.o. adds you, you'll receive gifts.
  • Do "Interview" to get Salary & Trust Factors.
  • Invite as many friends (Scoop Mates) as possible. They'll help you complete "Interview" and you can greet them daily to get more Salary. 
  • Now and then, while reading the Main Story, you will get the possibility to read the Story from His POV. For this you'll need a certain amount on Chemistry. THIS is the moment for you to buy more Chemistry (with Gems) if you don't have enough. Remember: You need a certain amount to get a certain Ending! ;)
  • If you want to see your status, keep tapped on your Celebrityfor a few seconds
  • For more info's, look below:

Starter Lesson

Starter Login Bonus

About Mission
About Closet
About Sweet Route & Normal Route
About VIP Room

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