11 September, 2016

[Walkthrough] Sleepless Cinderella (Party) - Hibiki Shiina

(*Note: Special Thanks to Samantha for this Walkthrough!

The best answers are those where you get a "Good Choice". If you still picked a wrong answer - don't worry. There are several Chemistry-Checkpoints where you can buy Chemistry with Gems. Sometimes you can get those Gems by completing the Daily Mission or with the Special Interview! If you encounter any wrong answeres here, please let me know, so I can fix them. Thanks!)

Season 1: Main Story

Episode 1: First Impressions

1.0? A: That's what I'd like to know.
B: Are you really Hibiki Shiina?
C: I don't remember last night. (Good Choice!)

1.0? A: Get Angry
B: Apologize (Good Choice!)
C: Smile

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Episode 2: Prince of Music

2.0? A: Sorry for taking so long. (Good Choice!)
B: I got here as fast as I could.
C: Gosh, I'm so sorry!

~TF Mission~ 
Need 1,000 Trust Factor

2.0? A: Smile at him (Good Choice!)
B: Freeze
C: Run up to him

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Episode 3: Who Needs Love?

3.0? A: Wait for him to come closer (Good Choice!)
B: Say hello to him
C: Follow him

3.0? A: Ask about love songs
B: Apologize (Good Choice!)
C: Ask about the wedding

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Episode 4: One Step Forward

4.0? A: Modestly hand over the bouquet
B: You know Megumi Tachibana?
C: Your performance was wonderful! (Good Choice!)

~Special Story~
To read it you need 10 Chemistry

4.0? A: Can't say anything
B: Tell her you're his assistant
C: Tell her you're a reporter (Good Choice!)

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Episode 5: His Passion

5.0? A: Would you like some dinner?
B: Your package came. (Good Choice!)
C: I was just about to go home.

~Avatar Mission~
 Sweet Route: Classical Concert Outfit (+36 Glamour) - 3 Gems -> Get a CG!
Normal Route: Lightweight Stole (+12 Glamour) - 1 Gem or 1,200 Salary

5.0? A: Rip off the sheets
B: Shake him
C: Call out to him (Good Choice!)

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Episode 6: A Ray of Light

6.0? A: Thirteen pieces of cake. (Good Choice!)
B: Who's eating all of these?
C: Do you like cake?

~TF Mission~ 
Need 8,000 Trust Factor

6.0? A: Apologize (Good Choice!)
B: Avoid eye contact
C: Ask about the sheet music

~Special Story~
To read it you need 20 Chemistry

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Episode 7: Dancing Fingertips

7.0? A: Just leave it to me!
B: I'm still inexperienced, but...
C: I'm looking forward to it,too! (Good Choice!)

7.0? A: They're all too expensive. (Good Choice!)
B: A cute one
C: A simple one

~Special Story~
To read it you need 30 Chemistry

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Episode 8: Pride

8.0? A: Are you embarrassed?
B: Don't leave me like that.
C: I heard all I needed too. (Good Choice!)

8.0? A: Say nothing
B: Tell him he's horrible
C: Tell him you have pride (Good Choice!)

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Episode 9: First Love

9.0? A:Because love is stupid?
B: You've never written one?
C: Sorry (Good Choice!)

9.0? A: Shake you head no
B: That's not like you.
C: Thanks. (Good Choice!)

~Avatar Mission~
Sweet Route: Elegant VIP Outfit (+90 Glamour) - 8 Gems -> Get a CG!
Normal Route: Kiss Mark Bag (+60 Glamour) - 5 Gems or 6,000 Salary

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Episode 10: Work and Romance

10.0? A: You still love her, don't you?
B: They're not pathetic.
C: You're lying. (Good Choice!)

~TF Mission~
Need 25,000 Trust Factor 

10.? A: Take a break on the sofa
B: Get some water
C: Start cleaning up (Good Choice!)

~Special Story~
To read it you need 40 Chemistry

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Episode 11: The Music Capital

11.0? A: Talk about Kenzan
B: Offer to make coffee
C: Leave (Good Choice!)

11.0? A: Hibiki Shinna
B: Hibikins
C: Hibiki...? (Good Choice!)

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Episode 12: New Possibilities

12.0? A: Thank you. (Good Choice!)
B: You like this style?
C: Does it look okay?

 ~Special Story~
To read it you need 50 Chemistry

12.0? A: Good work!
B: So you finished it.
C: It was wonderful. (Good Choice!)

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Episode 13: Salt in the Wound

13.0? A: I don't want to doubt him.
B: I just know I'm right.
C: I trust him. (Good Choice!)

13.0? A: I can't believe this.
B: It can't be helped.
C: You don't believe me? (Good Choice!)

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Episode 14: The Truth Uncovered

14.0? A: I don't remember.
B: He gets a lot of packages.
C: I didn't see anything. (Good Choice!)

~Special Story~
To read it you need 70 Chemistry

14.0? A: No, they wouldn't. (Good Choice!)
B: Anyone...?
C: I understand how you feel.

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Either Secret Happy Ending:

Episode 15: The One I Love

[no questions]
Get CG

Or Super Happy Ending:

Episode 15: Second First Love

[no questions]

Or Happy Ending:

Episode 15: It Starts with a Kiss

[no questions]

Epilogue: In a Gentle Embrace
[no questions]

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