03 April, 2014

[Walkthrough] Class Trip Crush - Nagisa Ichinose

Season 1: Main Story

Episode 1
Stop him
I want to.

Episode 2
Are you sure?
How do you do that?

Episode 3
Explain yourself
Me? Not someone else?

Episode 4
Be silent
I couldn’t!

Episode 5
It was nerve-wracking
I don’t know…

Episode 6
Just curious.
It’s okay!

Episode 7
That makes sense...
Ask how to cook it

Episode 8
Not at all!

Episode 9
We’ll be more careful!
But you look gorgeous...

Episode 10
What do you want to do?
It’s no big deal.

Episode 11
No, never!
You’re kind of a dork.

Episode 12
I don’t know.

Episode 13
  Where’s that?

Episode 14
You’re late.
Chocolate, banana, with whipped cream

Episode 15
Just a little…

Season 1: Sequel

Episode 1
We’re in high school.
Act supportive

Episode 2
  I’m so glad to see your face!
Be happy

Episode 3
Object to what he called you
I don’t want you to go.

Episode 4
Encourage him
Ask him to eat with you

Episode 5
Fight back

Episode 6
I’m glad to be partners.
I only have eyes for you.

Episode 7
Sounds rewarding.
I want the same thing.

Episode 8
Act pouty
Stand and cheer

Episode 9
You can’t stop now!
Stop teasing!

Season 2: 3 Years Later

Episode 1
I’d love to be your wife!
Support your dream.

Episode 2

Just hug him

Episode 3
Say nothing
I’m on your side in this.

Episode 4
Of course!
Gotta get dinner ready.

Episode 5
Don’t push yourself.
I’m worried about Nagisa.

Episode 6
I enjoy this.
The director was watching.

Episode 7
Close your eyes

Episode 8
I can’t wait.

Episode 9
Just give him some coffee.
To be with you forever.

Episode 10
We’re in this together.

Season 3: The Wedding

Episode 1 
I’m lonely.
As long as I’m marrying you.

Episode 2
Close your eyes quietly
I’d love to go!

Episode 3
That’s very nice of you!
Bring up sightseeing

Episode 4
I’m not sure.
You can’t have him.

Episode 5
Watch quietly
See him off with a smile

Episode 6
It’s nothing.
Ask Nagisa.

Episode 7
If it’s for his own good..
I want to trust Nagisa.

Episode 8
Wave to him
Say you were surprised

Episode 9
Give it your best shot!

Season 3: Our Family

Episode 1
Tell him to stop
  I want a child.

Episode 2
The child’s opinion matters.

Episode 3
I’ll watch out for the press.

Episode 4
I’m curious how she feels.
All right.

Episode 5
Ask Namie why
Stay with me!

Episode 6
This isn’t your fault.
A name like yours.

Episode 7
I i want to be like you.
Squeeze his hand quietly

Episode 8
It’s okay.
Look at Nagisa

Episode 9
I’m in the same boat.
Slip over quietly to look

Sub Story: Graduation Trip Crush

(*Note: Sorry, this Walkthrough is still missing! If you by any chance have it, I would be very grateful if you could share them with us! Just send me a mail (dawnire@gmail.com) or post it in the comment box below. Thank you!)

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