April 7, 2014

[Walkthrough] In Your Arms Tonight - Ritsu Moriyama

Main Story

He’s a nice guy.
I get it done.
You’re an unusual pair.
This is for the bread.
We just met.
You’re nicer than I thought.
Are you going to the station.
Didn’t think you’d go for it.
Work came up.
I have small feet.
I couldn’t sleep.
Did you get my voice mail?
Oh, it’s okay.
When was this?
How long?
He’s been seeing her a while.
It’s just as easy to cook for two.
I panicked.
I can love who I want, right?
What was she like?
Just tell him off to his face.
I’m not your real girlfriend.
Take his hand.
He was glad to see you.
I was worried.
I should thank you.
What about her?
Would you rather preferred I stayed?
Let me give you something.
To see a night view.
This is such a short notice.
That’s very flattering.

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