April 27, 2014

[Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding - Yamato Kougami

Season 1: Main Story

Episode 1
  What are you doing?
  Hug Yamato

Episode 2
  Be honest

Episode 3
He’s selfish.
  Talk to the Roomba

Episode 4
  Go get Yamato
  Squeeze his cheek

Episode 5
  Are you jealous?
  Close my eyes

Episode 6
  You don’t think of me as a woman...
I’m happy.

Episode 7
  Take it seriously, “Really?”
Because we’re married.

Episode 8
Touch without asking

Episode 9
Have a nice day!
Just step out

Episode 10
  Can I believe you?
Don’t flatter yourself!

Episode 11
I’ll work hard to rank above Roomba.
  I meant only your looks.

Episode 12
I’m sorry.
I was scared.

Episode 13
Call out
  Pretend nothing happened

Episode 14
We would never fight.
Listen to Yamato finish

Season 1: Sequel

Episode 1
Pinching the other cheek
Do you want to?

Episode 2
Cheer up Yamato
That doesn't make me feel better...

Episode 3
But you enjoy doing it.
You can thank me with Shochu.

Episode 4
You better appreciate me more! Just kidding.
Did you want siblings?

Episode 5
You can reward me with a cookie.
Help him out

Episode 6
You're worried about me?
I was thinking about Sanae.

Episode 7
Maybe we should shower separately.
Look at Yamato

Episode 8
Thanks for holding back.
It doesn't hurt anymore, but...

Episode 9
You should stop acting so tough...
Say it again, three more times.

Season 2: Main Story

Episode 1
I want to see it too.
Turn away

Episode 2
I don't know...
I guess so.

Episode 3
You can't!
Your mom.

Episode 4
Deny it

Episode 5
You're like a dad.

Episode 6
We decided together.
Yamato is the baby.

Episode 7
Tell Yamato
I was looking at you.

Episode 8
Do you want to feed me?
Turn away

Episode 9
Take the blame
Honestly say thanks

Episode 10
I don't have a preference.
What do you think?

Episode 11
There's only one in the world.
Kiss him

Episode 12
Not really.
You're insightful.

Episode 13
That would have been better.
You don't have to answer.

Episode 14
Pinch his nose

Season 2: Wedding Bells

Episode 1
What do you want me to do?
Explain to Yamato

Episode 2
I only belong to you…
Only if you want to.

Episode 3
Change into a different dress.
I want you to decide with me.

Episode 4
I worry about your health.
Blush and laugh

Episode 5
Can I use your birthday?

Episode 6
Ask Yamato for his opinion
Want a massage?

Episode 7
Hit his chest
What if my cheeks are sunken in?

Episode 8
I forgot about that.
Wanna halve it?

Episode 9
Ask for your hand in marriage

Episode 10
I’m sorry.
He’ll be okay.

Episode 11
I want to see more of it.
I’m glad you’re my husband.

Episode 12
So does your father.
Talk to Yamato

Season 3: Honeymoon

Episode 1
  Maybe a bikini…
I can’t choose...

Episode 2
  This trip is going to be so fun!

Episode 3
 But you like that about me.

Episode 4
Get embarrassed
Call out to stop it

Episode 5
Kiss him first
Just like now would be good.

Episode 6
  Just tell me straight up!

Episode 7
  I’ll do anything you want, Yamato.
I can’t think of one specific time.

Episode 8
Refuse and say: “I feel the same way.”
Yamato taking a bath

Episode 9
Squeeze his hand back
He came to save me.

Season 3: My Beloved Bride
(*Note: Special Thanks to Denise for this Walkthrough!)

Episode 1
A: Give him one final kiss on the cheek.
B: Promise to continue later. -> Right Answer

A: The power of newlyweds love is amazing! -> Right Answer
B: How long will we be newlyweds?

Episode 2
A: After we get home.
B: Just a hug won’t be enough. -> Right Answer

A: A little boy who looks like you.
B: Both. -> Right Answer

Episode 3

A: Barley Shochu, not potato. -> Right Answer
B: Shochu with water, not on the rocks.

A: Please watch out for me. -> Right Answer
B: Sorry I’m so immature.

Episode 4

A: We met through my uncle. -> Right Answer
B: We ran into each other at the supermarket.

A: I’m embarrassed. -> Right Answer
B: Not in public.

Episode 5

A: Sorry, I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. -> Right Answer
B: You’re bad at being ganged up on!

A: All the time!
B: I couldn’t think anything. -> Right Answer

Episode 6

A: Either one.
B: Whichever YOU like. -> Right Answer

A: Then I’ll make you a good dinner! -> Right Answer
B: Let me know what I can do.

Episode 7

A: This is what I want to do. -> Right Answer
B: It’s a wife’s duty to relax her husband.

A: Which do you like better, beer or me?
B: He is so handsome when he’s drinking beer. -> Right Answer

Episode 8

A: Of course I am.
B: I’m not worried. -> Right Answer

A: I’ll give you all my power! -> Right Answer
B: You can kiss me too!

Episode 9

A: Me, right? -> Right Answer
B: Warabi-mochi, right?

A: Do it!
B: I’ll carry you.  -> Right Answer
Cute Ending

Season 4: The Shape of Love
(*Note: Special Thanks to Denise for this Walkthrough!)

Episode 1

A: I’m not food! -> Right Answer
B: What’s most important?

A: Hmm. I like you anyway.
B: Maybe that’s why I fell for you. -> Right Answer

Episode 2

A: I’m fine.
B: I ruined everything. -> Right Answer

A: Compliment him. -> Right Answer
B: Look at him beseechingly.

Episode 3

A: Tell me now.
B: Me, too. -> Right Answer

A: If Yamato cheats. I’ll consider it.
B: Who’s more reliable? -> Right Answer

Episode 4

A: We never fight. -> Right Answer
B: I apologize first.

A: Hmm..
B: Only three times a day! -> Right Answer

Super Happy Ending

(*Note: Special Thanks to Denise for sending me this Walkthrough!)

Season 4: Another Forged Wedding

Episode 1

A: Be vague and see what he guesses.
B: Point at him and say ‘this’ -> Right Answer

A: In certain qualities. Maybe! -> Right Answer
B: Don’t broadcast it!

Episode 2
A: So I hear!
B: I’m a pro wife. -> Right Answer

A: Speak up. -> Right Answer
B: Forget it.

Episode 3

A: It IS rude. -> Right Answer
B: Is that what you want to do?

A: Give him a goodbye kiss. -> Right Answer
B: Mess up his hair.

Episode 4

A: He loves his family.
B: He loves his friends. -> Right Answer

A: Pull out your own hanky. -> Right Answer
B: Borrow Takao’s hanky.

Episode 5

A: Was thinking about stew.
B: I’m jealous of the roombas… -> Right Answer

A: You’re like a detective!
B: So what am I thinking right now? -> Right Answer

Episode 6

A: What’s my fave alcohol?
B: What do I like best about you? -> Right Answer

A: Matching bowls.
B: Matching aprons. -> Right Answer

Episode 7

A: Tell that to Yamato! -> Right Answer
B: You’re the ideal grandson!

A: We made meat and potatoes.
B: Takao said we’re an ideal couple. -> Right Answer

Episode 8

A: I like being adored…
B: I’ve never been popular before… -> Right Answer

A: A Hubby Love dish! -> Right Answer
B: A manly dish!

Episode 9

A: To mess with you.
B: We’ll never know! -> Right Answer

A: Say what you usually do.
B: Just stroke my hair. -> Right Answer

(*Note: Sorry, this Walkthrough is still missing! If you by any chance have it, I would be very grateful if you could share them with us! Just send me a mail (dawnire@gmail.com) or post it in the comment box below. Thank you!)

Season 5: My Genuine Marriage


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