14 May, 2014

[Walkthrough] Be my Princess 2 - Hayden A. Spencer

Main Story

Episode 1
Okay, sorry.
Call out.

Episode 2
No, I’m not.

Episode 3
Here, please.

Episode 4
What do you mean?

Episode 5
I’m not used to it.
Is that strange?

Episode 6
You’re Lord Aiden… right?
A little.
Episode 7

That’s a terrible thing to say!
I’ll do my best for Yosef.

Episode 8
My boss’s bakery is in trouble.
Thank him.

Episode 9
That’s not true.
Ugh, forget about that.

Episode 10
Picking basil.
I have a wonderful memory.

Episode 11
Blame yourself.
Tell him.

Episode 12
It wasn’t anybody’s fault.

Episode 13
What did they say?
Just lost in thought
Episode 14
Yes, I know.
I’m too obedient

Episode 15
Hug him.
I trust Prince Hayden.

Happy Ending


Episode 1
Change the subject.
Say thanks.
Episode 2

Does it bother you?
Actually, it was fun!

Episode 3
Isn’t it you who wants to cry?
Are you done with your work?

Episode 4
They’re really interesting.
Talk about Prince Aslan.

Episode 5

It’s always so sudden…

Episode 6
You’ll find someone someday.
What should we do…?

Episode 7
Avoid the question.
I feel like that’s not a compliment.

Happy Ending

The Royal Wedding

Episode 1
Look at Hayden.

Episode 2
I do.

Episode 3
I wanna sneak out
I’ll be eating.

Episode 4
Delicousness equals happiness.
Sure, open wide.

Episode 5
I’m happy.
If you say so, I’ll believe you.

Episode 6
The evening breeze felt good.

Episode 7
Of course not.

Episode 8
What did you do?

Episode 9
Call for Hayden
Please be with me forever.

Happy Ending

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