02 May, 2014

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Mononoke Kiss - Raizo

Main Story

Tell him my name.
Of course I don't! (for SE: But you'll save me, I'm sure.)
I never asked for help.
You bet you didn't!
Of course I am!
You'd better do a good job. (for SE: Thank you very much.)
Stay quiet.
Not this again. (for SE: I've got some sex appeal.)
Let him sleep a little longer
I want to leave ASAP
I don't believe it.
Yes, I'm fine.
It's all my fault.
Again? Oh, yeah...
Cry at last. (for SE: Hold them back.)
Don't tell me that!
Why me?
Take care of me, Raizo.
I want to be useful!
I'm sorry. (for SE: Don't die...!)
I'm really sorry. (for SE: Thank goodness...!)

Happy Ending/Sweet Ending

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