06 June, 2015

[Walkthrough] Be my Princess - Yakov Chernenkov

Main Story

(*Note: It's tested and also works for the "Love 365" app!)

Stand in front of them
Why are you flying in economy?
I don’t want to cause trouble
Won’t it be a bother for you?
I’m happy to hear that.
I guess I’m flat-chested...
I’m friendly with him.
You looked cool.
Don’t look at my crying face!
No way…
I won’t go out alone.
I don’t want to be your sister
A funny memory.
I fell over.
Yakov’s hair tie.
Take him up on his offer
Can you see my mind’s made up?
Do you have a fever?
Nod a greeting
Accept happily
Listen for voices
I’ll give you everything...
That was amazing!