20 March 2016

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Love Tangle + Naoki Hozumi vs. Carlo Mazza

Main Story

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin & Renee for her help with this Walkthrough!)

(*Note: Until after you have finished Chapter 4, you get to choose option which can raise the Love Meter for either one of the guys. So to make it simple: Answer A might give you + Points for Naoki, where answer B gives you + Points for Carlo.
So, to be able to get the Happy Ending with the right guy, choose one right from the beginning and stick with his answers.)

Chapter 1

1.08 Someone considerate. (+ Carlo)
Someone passionate. (+Naoki)

1.09 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 10 Points

Chapter 2

2.02 I saw him. (+ Carlo)
Glance at Naoki. (+Naoki)

2.08 Love Challenge
Premium: Naoki Avatar (Elegance +20) - 1 Diamond (get a CG)
Normal: Gingham Off-the-Shoulder Top (Blue) (Elegance +10) - 200 Kaled Cash

2.09 Yeah, but... Carlo, you're as old as I thought. (+ Carlo)
Yeah, but I'm glad I know now. (+Naoki)

Chapter 3

3.02 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 1,200 Points

3.05 I'm worried I may not be of much help. (+Naoki)
I'd love to help you! (+ Carlo)
3.06 Love Challenge
Premium: Carlo Avatar (Sexiness +20) - 1 Diamond (get a CG)
Normal: Gingham Off-the-Shoulder Top (Red) (Sexiness +10) - 200 Kaled Cash

3.08 Naoki is dependable. (+Naoki)
The both of you are dependable. (+ Carlo)

Chapter 4

4.02 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 1,800 Points

4.04 I'd like to listen to something romantic. (+Naoki)
Do you have any Jazz? (+ Carlo)

4.09 You're right. (+ Carlo)
But I'm worried about us getting lost. (+Naoki)

4.10 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 4,000 Points


(*Note: From here on out, you can either play the (+ Carlo) or the (+Naoki) route, depending on which side you Love Meter is fuller. To read Naoki's Route, please scroll past Carlo's.)

Chapter 5

5.01 Go to Carlo (+ Carlo)
Shake my head in refusal

5.04 Love Challenge
Premium: Cute Apron Set (Sexiness +400) - 15 Diamond (get a CG)
Normal: Apron Set (Sexiness +200) - 5 Diamond or 6,000 Kaled Cash

5.09 React surprised (+ Carlo)
Tell him plainly to stop.

Chapter 6

6.01 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 8,500 Points

6.02 Say you don't understand
Tell him not to say that (+ Carlo)

6.05 Special Scenario
Get CG

6.08 Just leave the car
Ask what he was about to say (+ Carlo)

Chapter 7

7.04 I... probably do... (+ Carlo)
Dodge the subject

7.07 Close my eyes
Tell him to stop (+ Carlo)

Chapter 8

8.03 Wave at Carlo
Take the cub up to the window, so Carlo can see it (+ Carlo)

8.04 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 14,000 Points

8.05 Give hima a nod.
Play the fool, saying he owes this to me. (+ Carlo)

8.07 Love Challenge
Premium: Sparkle Crystal Dress (Sexiness +800) - 30 Diamond (get a CG)
Normal: Gradient Colour Set (Sexiness +400) - 10 Diamonds or 11,000 Kaled Cash

Supreme Ending

(get 2 CG's)


Chapter 5

5.03 ... am too worried about Carlo to go with him.
... figure something is up and nod. (+Naoki)

5.07 Special Scenario
Get CG

5.08 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 5,500 Points

5.08 ... let's stay on the Ferris Wheel. (+Naoki)
... let's walk around the park to kill time.

Chapter 6

6.01 I know, I know.
It'll be hard, but I'll do my best. (+Naoki)

6.05 Love Challenge
Premium: Tulip Wrap Dress Set (Elegance +400) - 15 Diamond (get a CG)
Normal: 3/4 Sleeve Dress Set (Elegance +200) - 5 Diamond or 6,000 Kaled Cash

6.07 I'm gooing to check on them.
I'm going to serve them tea. (+Naoki)

Chapter 7

7.04 I'm worried about you. (+Naoki)
Well, I like your scroll.

7.07 Tell him not to say that.
Silently hold his hand back. (+Naoki)

Chapter 8

8.01 Turn eyes away from the garden, unable to bear looing at it.
Take care of the garden since it looks lonely. (+Naoki)

8.04 Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint
Talent-n-Skills needed: 14,000 Points
8.05 ... I'd better go to the exhibition and confess. (+Naoki)
 ... I'd better clear up this misunderstanding, fast.

8.02 Love Challenge
Premium: Kimono Set (Red) (Elegance +800) - 30 Diamond (get a CG)
Normal: Beautiful Kimono Set (Elegance +400) - 10 Diamonds or 11,000 Kaled Cash

Supreme Ending

(get 2 CG's)


  1. On Carlo 8.5 you didn't highlight the answer. But for anyone looking it's play the fool says he owes me

    1. You're absolutely right, Renee. Thanks for telling! I changed it. ^^ Please let me know, if you see mistakes like that anywhere else. Thankies!

  2. The outfits are alot more now too. Like the kimono is around 420 diamonds now... hate the changes they made

  3. The prices are the same, they just changed the amount of diamonds, but they also raised the amount you had and you can get, so it's still the same amount, it just looks like you have to pay way more.