11 May, 2016

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Pirates - Leon Diaz

(*Note: Special Thanks to Debra for the Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Are you okay?
Stay silent

No, I don't want to go

I believe you
I guess it can't be helped

You did well too, Leon

Yeah, you're right
What do you mean?

I don't mind at all
You'll get told off, Leon

Where's Leon?
You can go first

Me too

The rest of the choices have no affect on the story.

Happy Ending


  1. I can't find Leon's route on Debra Tuttle's youtube account. Did she take it down?

    1. Unfortunately her channel was taken down/went missing. It's still unsure what happened. Either way. She's currently re-uploading all her videos, but that takes some time. For now, she's working on Shall we date: Ninja Shadow + Asagi's Main Story. Just wait a little longer, and she uploads all videos you want to see. Here you can find the link to her new channel's discussion section, where she explains everything -> https://www.youtube.com/user/DTuttle8005/discussion

    2. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCns3Ch2-rWCGUEGbGtPdWKw

      All videos are re-uploaded to this channel. Sorry about that!