20 July, 2016

[Walkthrough] Midgard Love - Od

Main Story

Chapter 1
I'm <MC's name>.
I quickly hid behind Od.

Chapter 2
Thank you, Od.
I lit the lamp on the side of the bed.

Chapter 3
What are you thinking about?
I see. I'm sorry to wake you.

Chapter 4
I stepped away from Loki immediately.
I'll run away the next time.

Chapter 5
Call his name.
I'm just glad we are safe.

Chapter 6
I will approach Od.
I kept Odin at a distance.

Chapter 7
I want to talk to Od properly.
I shoved Od away.

Chapter 8
I couldn't help notice and admire.
You stayed by my side. Thank you, Od.

Chapter 9
I try to walk around it.
(Somehow I'm happy...)

Chapter 10
That's a lie...
I love only Od.

Chapter 11
Isn't there something I can do?
I will also...also help.


  1. Hello. I hust played Od route with your walkthrough and it lead to good ending not happy ending. Can you please check it again or perhaps fix it?

    1. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get the Happy Ending. I'll check it now and in case I spot a mistake, I'll change it.