27 March, 2017

[Walkthrough] Samurai Love Ballad (Party) - Act 1: Song of Radiance: Shingen Takeda

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin & Hope for this Walkthrough!)

(*Note: The first 3 Chapters are shared routes where your choice of the answers are either in favor to Kenshin, or Shingen. You don't gain any Chemistry for those first 3 Chapters.)

Main Story - Act 1: Song of Radiance

(Shared Routes)

Chapter 1: A Delivery for Lord Takeda

1.02 (Am I the one to do this?) (+5 Shingen)
I'd be glad to help. (+5 Kenshin)

2.05 Explain yourself. (+5 Shingen)
Wait it out. (+5 Kenshin)

Chapter 2: The Masked Man

1.03 Proceed, but warily. (+5 Kenshin)
Confide in him completely. (+5 Shingen)

2.05 Say nothing. (+5 Kenshin)
I wonder about that. (+5 Shingen)

Chapter 3: Lord Kenshin's Favorite Things

1.02 I can't come with you. (+5 Shingen)
You really don't mind? (+5 Kenshin)

2.05 I'll go. (+5 Shingen)
This really is hard, isn't it … (+5 Kenshin)

Story Mission - Avatar Mission:
Love Route: Salmon Pink (Item Score +30): 3 Pearl's + 1CG
Fate Route: Salmon Pink (Item Score +10): 1 Pearl or 500 Coins

Love Route: Meeting Destiny at Kawanakajima

(*Note: Now you have to choose a route. You can choose between Shingen or Kenshin. If you're not sure which one, you can always read his story Sneak a Peak.)

(Main Route)

Chapter 4: Lord Shingen's Mark

 Part 1.04
Take it.
(+5 Chemistry)

 Part 2.02
I have. (+5 Chemistry)
I'm not sure.

Story Mission - Skill Points:
Need 100 Skill Points to pass this Checkpoint

Chapter 5: The King of Flowers

Part 1.02
You really wish for me to have these …? (+5 Chemistry)
I can't imagine wearing any of this.

 Part 2.01
I … really haven't thought of marriage.
This is … very sudden. (+5 Chemistry)

Chapter 6: Troubles of the Heart

 Part 1.02
Forgive me. (+5 Chemistry)
I'm sorry, but …

 Part 2.04
Are you sure …?  (+5 Chemistry)
But …

Chapter 7: The Lady's Cloak, Dyed with Blood

Part 1.01
Please let me down!
I'm all right now. (+5 Chemistry)

 Part 2.02
Do it.
Don't do it. (+5 Chemistry)

Story Mission - Avatar Mission:
Love Route:  Hemp Wayfarer's Hakama: 8 Pearl's + 1CG
Fate Route: Dusted Rose Bags: 5 Pearls or 2.500 Coins

Love Route: Burdens of the Moon

Story Mission - Skill Points:
Need 8,000 Skill Points to pass this Checkpoint

Chapter 8: Pinky Promises, Bound By Needles

Part 1.03
Hide them. (+5 Chemistry)
Ignore him.

 Part 2.05
No.  (+5 Chemistry)

Chapter 9: Light and Shadow

 Part 1.01
Lord Kansuke? (+5 Chemistry)
See if he notices you.

 Part 2.03
He is.  (+5 Chemistry)
He'll be fine.

Story Mission - Avatar Mission:
Love Route: Camellia Kimono: 12 Pearls + 1CG
Fate Route: Golden Ribbon: 8 Pearls or 4.000 Coins

Love Route: ?

Chapter 10: A New Way

 Part 1.04
Say something.
Watch quietly. (+5 Chemistry)

 Part 2.04
It's so sad…
The smoke just stings…  (+5 Chemistry)

Story Mission - Skill Points:
Need 25,000 Skill Points to pass this Checkpoint

Chapter 11: The Tryst

 Part 1.04
I suppose so …  (+5 Chemistry)
Lord Shingen is still strong for a man.

 Part 2.03
(Lord Shingen's child …)
(How am I going to tell him …) (+5 Chemistry)

Chapter 12: The Hope of the Takeda

  Part 1.02
´Takeda does not surrender! (+5 Chemistry)
Let us think rationally.

 Part 2.04
 Thank you.
Say nothing.  (+5 Chemistry)

Ending Requirement:

Divine Ending: 55 Chemistry, 43.000 Skill Points
Noble Ending: 43.000 Skill Points

Chapter 13:
(Divine Ending)

(No choices)

(get Letter + CG + Lady Takeda Kimono)


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