29 April, 2017

[Walkthrough] Midnight Cinderella - Sid (Lloyd Grandier)

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for this Walkthrough!)

Main Route

Part 1

1.02 If you don’t mind.
Got it. (Honey)
Will you put me down after? (Sugar)

1.03 Get a CG

1.09 C’mon, we’re just- (Sugar)
We’re not gossiping!
We were just talking. (Honey)

Part 2

2.03 Are lots of people coming? (Honey)
Who’s coming?
Is Sid coming? (Sugar)

2.06 I thought of someone, but- (Sugar)
As if! (Honey)
No, there’s no one.

2.10 Royal Challenge
Premium: Midnight Blue Dress - 300 Coins
Normal: Long Flared Skirt - 100 Coins or 3,500 Bells

Part 3

3.05 I’m sure you know why. (Sugar)
After what happened… (Honey)
Of course it is.

3.09 Sometimes I think about him.
It’s not all the time, but… (Sugar)
I’m always thinking about him. (Honey)

Part 4

4.04 I looked at Sid. (Honey)
I looked at Leo.
I repeated her words. (Sugar)

4.10 I’m sure he’ll bring help! (Honey)
I know he’ll go find help! (Sugar)
Something’s wrong!

4.10 Royal Challenge
Need 2,500 Grace pts

Part 5

5.01 I don’t want anyone to get hurt.
I want to protect- (Sugar)
I need to find out why. (Honey)

5.06 It’s nothing. (Sugar)
You’re perceptive.
It’s fine, really! (Honey)

Part 6

6.05 Gosh, Sid!
I can’t believe it! (Honey)
Not in front of Louis! (Sugar)

6.10 Royal Challenge
Premium: Long Wavy Hair - 400 Coins
Normal: Airy Pixie Cut - 150 Coins or 5,000 Bells

6.09 I just have to do my best. (Sugar)
I have you all to support me. (Honey)
I’m not alone.

Part 7

7.05 Okay.
Just for a little bit. (Honey)
Are you sure? (Sugar)

7.09 I wanted you to know. (Honey)
I wanted to tell you.
I hope you understand. (Sugar)

Part 8

8.03 You’re an informant. (Sugar)
You may talk rough, but- (Honey)
You’re a good guy.

8.09 (I wish we weren’t apart.) (Honey)
(I want to hear your voice.)
(I’ll send you a letter.) (Sugar)

8.10 Royal Challenge
Premium: Lacy Shawl & Shoes Set - 400 Coins
Normal: Grey and Blue Scarf & Pumps Set - 150 Coins or 5,000 Bells

Part 9

9.04 I know it’s not Sid. (Honey)
It’s a misunderstanding. (Sugar)
I don’t believe that.

9.05 Royal Challenge
Need 6,500 Grace pts

9.07 I can’t do that! (Sugar)
That’s impossible!
But why?! (Honey)

Part 10

10.04 With all my heart. (Honey)
I fell in love with him.
I’m so sorry. (Sugar)

10.09 You’re both so awkward.
There’s different types- (Honey)
Nothing, really. (Sugar)

10.06 Royal Challenge
Premium: Stylish Tweed Dress - 500 Coins
Normal: Dark Blue Off-Shoulder Dress - 300 Coins or 8,000 Bells

Secret End: 15000+ Grace Points at Honey Route 13.10
Honey End: Honey Route, 15000 Grace Points
Sugar End: Sugar Route


Sugar Route

Part 11

11.02 I smiled at him. (Honey)
Waved at him (Sugar)
Mouthed "Good luck."

11.09 (For Louis’s sake too.) (Sugar)
(Must trust in myself.) (Honey)
(This is for everyone.)

Part 12

12.01 Thank you. (Honey)
I know.
I guess. (Sugar)

12.05 Royal Challenge
Need 13,500 Grace pts

12.07 It was just like you. (Sugar)
I thought it was weird. (Honey)
You did tell me beforehand.

Part 13

13.03 (He’ll laugh at me.)
(It’ll worry him.) (Sugar)
(I won’t get through this.)

13.05 Royal Challenge
Premium: Floral Tulle Dress Set - 900 Coins
Normal: Rose Pink Mermaid Dress Set - 500 Coins or 20,000 Bells

13.08 You worked together?
You went along with it? (Sugar) 
Sid came up with that? (Honey)


Honey Route

Part 11

11.03 Was it for work?
When will you be done? (Honey)
I see.

11.07 (It was Sanne’s fault.)
(Sid did nothing wrong.) (Honey)
(I won’t let them!)

Part 12

12.04 I’m okay.
Ok, I’ll be careful. (Honey)
I know-

12.06 Royal Challenge
Need 13,500 Grace pts

12.10 Squeeze his hand. (Honey)
Wrap my hand around his.
Meet his gaze.

Part 13

13.04 It’s absolutely pouring. (Honey)
What bad luck.
What awful weather.

13.06 Royal Challenge
Premium:  Navy Blue Princess Dress Set - 900 Coins
Normal: Mint Green Dress Set - 500 Coins or 20,000 Bells

13.09 What are you doing? (Honey)
Wait just a moment.
Not yet.

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