May 21, 2017

[Walkthrough] Irresistible Mistakes - Toma Kiriya

(*Note: For this game there are two Endings available - the Provocative Ending and the Heartfelt Ending. If you clear both Endings, you get a special VOICED movie - "A Kiss at Night"!)

(*Note: Special Thanks to Yashi for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story
Provocative Ending

Episode 1
Give a quick nod.
A cute nickname.

Episode 2
How were the meeting minutes?
...Not good with compliments?

Episode 3
Not bad.
That'd go perfectly with my drink...

Episode 4
Secretly earnest.
Did I ask for a lecture?

Episode 5
It's not like I wanted this.
Could you stop?

Episode 6
Commercial Nut
I can't say it.

Episode 7
That's sexual harassment!
Chicken out. I can't say it.

Episode 8
Who, exactly?

Episode 9
Tyrants like you don't come around often.
I'll buy you a Kiriya Frappuccino.

Episode 10
Dinner at a restaurant with a view.
Look up.

Episode 11
He wouldn't go out with someone from work.
To brag.

Episode 12
Because you're my partner.
People can't live in isolation.

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  1. Please do a walk through for Go from Irrestible Mistakes. I'm having a hard time unlocking heartfelt ending for him