08 January, 2018

The Cinderella Contract - If Isuka [Walkthrough] & CG's

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope & Nanaby for the Walkthrough & CG's!)


Chapter 1

1.05 Grab his arm.
Walk next to him. (+5)
Follow behind him.

1.07 I want to know. (+5)
What are you hiding?
I need to figure out whether or not you’re Asena.

1.13 Special Isuka Scenario 
Get a CG

1.13 IF Isuka Extra 
Need 200 Platinum

1.14 The name card could be fake. (+5)
I’ll trust you.
I’ll have my company do a background check.

Chapter 2

2.03 IF Isuka Extra 
Need 200 Platinum

2.04 I’m surprised.
I believe in you.
I’m curious about your relationship. (+5)

2.09 I’d need to meet Prince Hassim, first.
He is Asena’s enemy. (+5)

2.11 Nice meeting you.
I’ll do my best.
I think I can do well. (+5)

Chapter 3

3.03 IF Isuka Extra
Need 200 Platinum

3.04 I need to greet Asena first.
Is something wrong? (+5)

3.08 You’re that way too, Isuka.
You’re different than him, Isuka. (+5)
Asena is impressive.

3.14 I don’t want that.
I don’t mind if it’s compensation. (+5)
I want to hear his true feelings.

Chapter 4

4.01 Of course! (+5)
Is it alright if I go?
I’m a little scared.

4.08 Were you awake?
What would happen? (+5)
Did you just wake up?

4.11 Does nothing cross your mind?
Will something new begin? (+5)
I wonder if something will happen…


Happy End

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