23 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] The Cinderella Contract - Cyril Sequel

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for the Walkthrough!)

(You need to play through the Main Story first, before you can read the Sequel.)

Chapter 1

1.02 You’re good looking
Attractive as always
You look healthy (+5)

1.10 Open the door…..! (+5)
Help me…..!

1.15 I remember someone I don’t know
I remember someone’s face (+5)
One memory came back to me

Chapter 2

2.02 Um…..
….. (+5)

2.09 I’m sorry
(Those two weren’t bad) (+5)
……Nothing happened

2.12 I don’t like it….. (+5)
Why are you saying that?
What are you planning…..?

Chapter 3

3.04 It was just by chance
I came out when I realised
I wanted to talk to you again (+5)

3.09 I know
 ……But I’m Ren’s wife (+5)
I’m a little scared

3.11 I knew it (+5)
I want to believe

Chapter 4

4.05 I can’t do that (+5)
We shouldn’t have left town
I’m sorry, Cyril

4.08 ……
……I Understand
……All right (+5)

4.12 Something happened?
I feel like we talked
We danced or something (+5)

Chapter 5

5.03 I can’t trust you
He’d tried to kidnap me…… (+5)
What is going on?

5.07 What should we do here? (+5)
Can I trust you?
Where’s Cyril?

Additional 5 gacha

5.15 Thanks to you all, I’m feeling much better
If only I could remember Cyril
I want to remember you all quickly (+5)

Chapter 6

6.01 I won’t hold back (+5)
There’s nothing

6.05 Extra
Need 200 platinum

6.07 Seems so
That’s scary……
No way…… (+5)

6.13 It was our first…….
You were half asleep…… (+5)
Maynard told me……

Chapter 7

7.04 I’m glad you’re my husband
I have to get my memoirs back (+5)
You’re kind

7.09 No reason
I thought it was something I had to do
Why? (+5)

7.13 Cyril! (+5)
What are you doing?
Are you all right?

Chapter 8

8.03 Extra
Need 200 platinum

8.05 I remember everything (+5)
Can Cyril come?
I’m glad I remembered you

8.10 But……
I guess so……
Cyril, you’re kind (+5)

8.11 I don’t know what I would have done
Thank you for me too (+5)
Ren wasn’t responsible for that

8.14 Get a CG


1. Normal End = Default Ending

2. Good End = Reputation 120+, Unlocks Royal Gach (7day time limit) Get CG

3. Royal End = Reputation 140+, (Requires Royal Wedding Dress, from Royal

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