23 July, 2017

The Cinderella Contract - If Yelisei [Walkthrough] & CG's

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for Walkthrough and CG's!)


Chapter 1

1.05 I’m lost
I can’t decide that easily (+5)
This is ridiculous

1.10 It’s very important (+5)
It’s a big issue
It’s amazing

1.13 I am
I’m not tired
……Just a little (+5)

1.14 Special Yelisei Scenario

Chapter 2

2.04 It’s interesting
I don’t understand (+5)
It’s cute

2.06 Agree
Question (+5)

(You will need an additional (+15) affection points to view checkpoint)

2.13Love Route

2.15 Thanks (+5)
I can’t see it
It’s embarrassing

Chapter 3

3.01 You don’t want?
That’s not the problem
I don’t mind (+5)

3.02 IF Yelisei Extra 
Need 200 Platinum

3.10 That’s not true (+5)
It was just your imagination
You’re mistaken

3.11 I feel it
I guess that’s true
I don’t feel it (+5)

Chapter 4

4.02 I feel better
I believe you (+5)
I guess so

4.09 IF Yelisei Extra
Need 200 Platinum

4.10 Sorry (+5)
That’s not true.

4.14 You saw an embarrassing side of me.
Was I heavy?
It’s because of you I’m here. (+5)


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