16 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] The Cinderella Contract - Lugar & Claude (Flanelia) Main Story

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for the Walkthrough!)

(The character you end up with, depends on which character has the most Reputation (affection) Points. To get a Happy Ending with the character you want, try to stick with his answers right from the beginning and if there are no answers for him, choose those were you gain the fewest reputation points of the other character, so that you don't get too much affection points from the wrong character.
The answers that are marked with red are for Lugar, the blue are for Claude.
To read the Sequel of a character, you first need to read through the Main Story.
To switch route, you need to buy a "New Contract".)
Main Story

Chapter 1: A marriage to a pompous prince?

1.02 I nod. (Claude +5)
I can’t say anything. (Claude +3)
I lower my gaze. (Claude +1)

1.05 Extra
Need 150 platinum

1.07 Not me. (Claude +5)
Please, stop. (Lugar +5)
How can you say that…

1.11 I’m fine. (Claude +1)
Stop it. (Claude +3)
It was just so sudden. (Claude +5)

1.15 Special Claude Scenario
Get a CG

Chapter 2: Suddenly a Saint

2.03 Disagree. (Claude +1)
Obey. (Claude +5)
Hesitate. (Claude +3)

2.06 Introduce myself, as well. (Lugar +5)
Look at Claude. (Lugar +3)
I bow my head. (Claude +5)

2.13 Every morning? (Claude +3)
Alright. (Claude +5)
Eh… (Claude +1)

Chapter 3: An Unwelcomed Visitor

3.04 You don’t have to worry about me. (Claude +1)
Thank you for worrying about me. (Claude +3)
Are you that worried? (Claude +5)

3.10 That won’t happen. (Claude +1)
You’re being rude. (Claude +5)
I don’t want to think about it. (Lugar +5)

3.12 I don’t want to say. (Claude +3)
Time does not matter in love. (Claude +5)
There were many reasons. (Claude +1)

Chapter 4: A Malicious Tea Party

4.04 I was alright. (Claude +3)
I’m sorry. (Claude +1)
I wasn’t all right. (Claude +5)

4.05 Extra
Need 150 platinum

4.07 Could it be an act of kindness? (Claude +5)
Do you think it's out of spite? (Claude +3)
You don’t have to overthink things. (Claude +1)

4.13 Social standing doesn’t matter. (Lugar +5)
I feel no need to side with you. (Claude +1)
Don’t speak badly about Claude. (Claude +5)

Chapter 5: The Masquerade

5.01 Special Claude Scenario
Get a CG

5.01 But… (Claude +3)
You say that now, but… (Claude +1)
I’m sorry. (Claude +5)

5.07 Extra
Need 150 platinum

5.08 Talk about things you like to eat. (Claude +1)
Talk about things you like to do. (Claude +3)
Talk about people you like. (Claude +5)

5.13 Chase after him. (Claude +1)
Wait for him. (Lugar +5)
Let him go. (Claude +3)

Chapter 6: Farewell

6.04 I nod. (Claude +3)
Shake my head. (Claude +1)
Grab his clothes. (Claude +5)

6.10 Tell him everything. (Claude +5)
Embrace him. (Claude +3)
Don’t say anything. (Claude +1)

6.12 Wake up. (Claude +5)
Open my eyes slightly.
Pretend that I’m sleeping. (Lugar +5)

Chapter 7: The Condition for Divorce

7.05 I don’t want to tell you. (Claude +5)
Why do you want to know? (Claude +3)
Don’t ask. (Claude +1)

7.06 Extra
Need 150 platinum

7.08 I didn’t expect that from you. (None)
I understand how you feel. (Lugar +5)
That doesn’t concern me. (Claude +5)

7.10 Special Lugar Scenario
Get a CG

7.14 The drug’s fault. (Claude +3)
My fault. (Claude +5)
Claude’s fault. (Claude +1)

Chapter 8: A Brief Honeymoon

8.04 Pull his hair. (Claude +3)
Hit his head. (Claude +1)
Push his shoulders away. (Claude +5)

8.05 Extra
Need 200 platinum

8.08 Because I like him.(Claude +3)
It’s a secret. (Claude +5)
It was on a whim. (Lugar +5)

8.12 Hold his hand. (Claude +3)
Say something. (Claude +5)
Embrace him. (Claude +1)

Chapter 9: A Secret Exposed

9.03 Extra
Need 200 platinum

9.04 Is it alright if I remain your wife? (Claude +5)
I think it is best if we get divorced this time. (None)
I wonder if there is any way to prove I am the saint. (Lugar +5)

9.10 Of course. (Claude +5)
I don’t know. (Claude +1)
I’m thinking about it. (Claude +3)

9.15 Distance myself. (Claude +5)
Embrace him back. (Claude +3)
Stay still. (Claude +1)

Chapter 10: Reparation for a Lie

10.04 Extra
Need 200 platinum

10.05 We’re husband and wife in name only… (Claude +3)
I think you’re being too forceful. (Claude +5)
It’s not too bad… (Claude +1)

10.12 … (Claude +1)
I wasn’t looking for help. (Claude +5)
I don’t know what you’re saying. (Claude +3)

10.15 Thank you for letting me know. (Lugar +5)
I gotta do something! (Claude +5)
What should I do?

Chapter 11: Proof of Sainthood

11.03 Take his hand. (Claude +1)
Embrace him. (Claude +3)
Stroke his cheek. (Claude +5)

11.09 How am I supposed to know that? (Claude +3)
What are you getting at? (Claude +1)
Can you give me an example? (Claude +5)

11.10 Special Claude Scenario
Get a CG

11.10 Extra
Need 200 platinum

11.11 I will pray everything goes well. (Lugar +5)
I’m sure you’ll figure it out. (Claude +1)
I believe in you. (Claude +3)


1. Claude Normal End = Reputation 85+ Get a CG

2. Claude Good End = Reputation 155+, Unlocks Royal Gacha (7day time limit) Get a CG

3. Claude Royal End = Reputation 200+, (Requires Royal Wedding Dress, from Royal Gatcha)


1. Lugar Normal End = Default Ending

2. Lugar Good End = Reputation 55+, Claude < 99 Reputation, Unlocks Royal Gacha (7day time limit) Get a CG

3. Lugar Royal End = Reputation 80+, (Requires Royal Wedding Dress, from Royal Gatcha)

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