19 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] Office Lover 2 - Haruto Natsume

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story

(*Note: If you want to change route, you need a "Switch Route Ticket".)

Chapter 1: Senior and Junior Coworker

1.05 Stay calm. (+5)
Try to run away.
Stop Haruto.

1.10 Stay quiet.
Reprimand Haruto. (+5)
Calm Kei down.

1.14 Eat it right away.
Eat it later.
Eat it with him. (+5)

Chapter 2: If I’m With You, I Can Be Myself

2.04 Agree without hesitating. (+5)
Turn him down.

2.08 Inquire a little further.
Observe the look on everyone’s faces. (+5)
Don’t say anything.

2.14 Put it on quickly. (+5)
Put it on slowly.
Put it on at a normal pace.

Chapter 3: Courage to Break Out of One’s Shell

3.05 Talk to them.
Stare at them. (+5)
Avert gaze.

3.10 Feel respect. (+5)
Feel butterflies.
Feel nervous.

3.13 Fight.
Don’t say anything. (+5)
Try to calm the woman down.

Chapter 4: The Bewildering Amusement Park

4.03 Return his embrace.
Stay calm. (+5)

4.09 No.
Who says that about themselves? (+5)

4.13 Use words to calm him.
Don’t do anything.
Try to cover his eyes. (+5)

Chapter 5: The Closer it Becomes, the Closer it Gets…

5.05 Agree with the rumors.
Be evasive.
Deny the rumors. (+5)

5.10 Thank you.
I’ll help. (+5)
Freeze with anxiety.

5.15 Be at a loss for words.
Gauge his feelings.
Shake head. (+5)

Chapter 6: Uncommenced Love

6.04 Be speechless.
Try to console him.
Apologize. (+5)

6.10 Thank him. (+5)
Start sobbing.
Wipe away your tears.

6.13 Don’t say anything. (+5)
Cover it up.
Change the subject.

Chapter 7: The Dean’s Lister Breaks Free!

7.05 Thank him for being happy. (+5)
It’s all thanks to you.
Do stop with the sexual harassment.

7.10 You’re not convinced.
You think it’s a lie. (+5)
You don’t understand.

7.13 Let matters take their own course.
Accept it. (+5)

Chapter 8: A Careless Use of Magic

8.05 Ride the Go-Karts. (+5)
Eat crepes.
Take a rest.

Look into his eyes.
Embrace him. (+5)
Don’t do anything.

8.15 Leave.
Decline. (+5)

Chapter 9: A Worthy Me

9.04 Remain silent.
Feign normalcy.
Apologize. (+5)

9.09 That’s got nothing to do with you.
React with shock.
That’s not true. (+5)

9.13 I won’t forget. (+5)
I don’t want to think about anything.
Just forget.

Chapter 10: Awakening the Prince

10.05 Nearly break down crying.
Act like normal. (+5)
Pretend not to have heard.

10.10 Make a joke. (+5)
Don’t say anything.

10.15 Make conversation for everyone. (+5)
Remain silent.
Casually pour for everyone.

Chapter 11: Proof of Magic

11.05 Leave his arms.
Be delicate.
Speak out. (+5)

11.08 Really love Haruto. (+5)
Worry about the surroundings.
Concentrate on the kiss.

11.14 I take off my shoe.
I present my foot. (+5)
I put the shoe on myself.

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