20 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] Office Lover 2 - Kakeru Yamagata

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story
(*Note: If you want to change route, you need a "Switch Route Ticket".)

Chapter 1: The spell is lifted. After that…

1.05 What…
Well, it’s over now… (+5)

1.08 This must be…
A, a joke!
You… (+5)

1.11 That’s not my name… (+5)
I didn’t think we would meet again.
You’re confusing me with someone else.

Chapter 2: Can’t use magic anymore

2.04 No, that’s not it.
Sorry. (+5)
Well, actually.

2.06 It’s gonna get wrinkled! (+5)
Did you do that on purpose?
What are you doing?

2.13 Yes I was!
Actually I… (+5)
Oh, I’m sorry.

Chapter 3: The magic of love… Secretly.

3.03 I will convince her somehow. (+5)
I will decide, when the time has come.
What should we do…

3.07 Are you planning something?
I can’t be in the same room as you…
Please, you use the room. (+5)

3.13 I also like it.
You have the taste of a spoiled boy.
I want to know more. (+5)

Chapter 4: Confused by a magic trick

4.01 I thought so. (+5)
That’s impressive.

4.09 I can’t decide that. (+5)
I don’t understand, what you are saying.
I can?

4.14 I can’t work like this.
Let me go.
…I will become conceited. (+5)

Chapter 5: When you realize the power of magic

5.05 We shouldn’t talk about that now.
He’s an acquaintance from the past.
A friend. (+5)

5.08 Yamagata-san was a child too. (+5)
This is a bad air.
This is kind of rare.

5.12 Special Kakeru Scenario
Get a CG

5.13 Is that a warning too?
…Understood. (+5)

Chapter 6: Broken spell, sadly.

6.05 Please do something about it.
No, everything’s fine.
Yes, he’s really at it. (+5)

6.09 In a place like this…!?
What are you doing? (+5)
Are you serious…!?

6.12 …I am prepared to. (+5)
What about you?
You’re not going to…?


Chapter 7: The courage to face the magic

7.04 Because you talk like that… (+5)
It’s not just you…
That’s not the problem.!

7.10 What will you tell me?
What lies will you tell me?
Not now. (+5)

7.15 You’re surprisingly simple-minded.
I’m so glad…!
The plan worked. (+5)

Chapter 8: How to use magic properly

8.01 Um, now…!? (+5)
Thank you very much.
Never mind that…

8.05 Special Kakeru Scenario
Get a CG

8.08 No holding back.
Are you really you? (+5)

8.13 We’ve finished our talk… (+5)
What should I do?
Do you want me to stay?

Chapter 9: Magic always comes with a price

9.05 Did you hit your head?
It’s not a joke. (+5)
You’re not forcing yourself?

9.09 … Thank you.
Don’t pressure yourself.
You’re not nervous? (+5)

9.13 So this is the moment. (+5)
I’ve been waiting.
Are you going to tell me?

Chapter 10: Sound of a bell, betraying magic

10.04 I’m already satisfied.(+5)
I might stress you out.
I’m busy too.

10.08 You should’ve called.
I’m always late, aren’t I? (+5)
I’m sorry.

10.12 You’re too kind.
Not at all…!
It’s the same for me. (+5)

Chapter 11: Unbreakable spell

11.05 Wait…
Kakeru! (+5)

11.08 So you respect my decision…
You’re contradicting yourself. (+5)
But you’re my lover…

11.15 I can’t tell you now.
Something that is necessary for Kakeru and me.
I have you to thank, Mr. Tachibana. (+5)

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