23 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] Office Lover 2 - Yuusuke Minami

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story
(*Note: If you want to change route, you need a "Switch Route Ticket".) 

Chapter 1: A Man? Or A Woman? His Scent of Danger

1.04 Normally wear makeup
Work at a cosmetics company (+5)

1.07 Sidle up to him
Let out a small cry
Push him back instinctively (+5)

1.08 Special Scenario CG 
Requires 10+ Affection

1.13 Look down
Keep looking at him (+5)
Hide your face with something

Chapter 2: The Disenchanted Cinderella

2.03 He’s a gay man isn’t he?
I don’t see him as a man. (+5)
Do I look like someone who falls in love easily?

2.07 That’s not the case at all!
Maybe you’re right...
I was kind of aware of this myself. (+5)

2.11 Special Scenario
Requires 25+ Affection

2.15 How did you know? (+5)
You’re very observant.
Please, don’t startle me.

Chapter 3: The Magic of Beauty

3.01 Thank you.
Do you mind if I do? (+5)
I’m not a burden to you?

3.03 Special Scenario
Requires 35+ Affection

3.07 Good evening.
Thanks for taking the time to call.
I was waiting for your call. (+5)

3.11 You two get along well... (+5)
Must be nice having friends of the same sex.
Have you two know each other for long.

3.14 Fashion Check
Premium: Amethyst & Topaz Eyes / Pink Makeup (Charm +75) - 300 Platinum
Normal: Cute Ribbon Makeup Puff (Charm +25) - 100 Platinum /2,000 Gold

Chapter 4: The Direction of a Certain Settlement

4.02 Special Scenario
Requires 45+ Affection

4.04 I guess not.
Now that you mention it, it’s kinda complicated.
You saw right through me. (+5)

4.10 Endure it  (+5)
Casually brush him away
Smile at him

4.14 I’m heavy, aren’t I?
Let me stay like this a little longer. (+5)

Chapter 5 Your Name in That Memory

5.02 Easier said than done.
You’re so strong Yukako! (+5)
I can’t help it.

5.03 Fashion Check
Premium: Rose Corsage / Satin Blue Dress (Charm +100) - 400 Platinum
Normal: Yellow Camisole / White Shirt (Charm +75) - 150 Platinum / 4,000 Gold

5.09 Why? (+5)
Because you’d hate for that to happen to you.
It’s not like you’re the one that got felt up.

5.13 No one around me is that mean.
Nobody sees me as a woman.
I’m just a lil ol’ potato after all.  (+5)

Chapter 6 A Triangle Heart

6.01 30 minutes is pretty short. (+5)
I guess it’s over then.
That was fun.

6.05 Fashion Check
Premium: Smell of Perfume Effect (Charm +75) - 300 Platinum
Normal: Paisley Flat String Shoes (Charm +50) - 200 Platinum/6,000 Gold

6.08 Special Scenario
Requires 80+ Affection

6.09 It’s because I looked good to begin with.
It’s thanks to all of Yusuke’s advice. (+5)
I’ve put in a lot of effort.

6.13 Thanks for today. (+5)
I had a lot of fun
Can we hang out again?

Chapter 7: Connected Feelings

7.01 Special Scenario CG 
Requires 90+ Affection

7.02 Thank you.
You picked them for me after all.
I tried my best. (+5)

7.14 You’re warm. (+5)
You’re like one big cat.
You’re heavy.

Chapter 8: A Visitor From The Past

8.03 Gasp (+5)
Glare at Yusuke
Endure it

8.04 Special Scenario
Requires 110+ Affection

8.10 That’s a relief.
I did my best after all. (+5)
I made sure to do a gorgeous job.

8.12 Please do. (+5)
I can’t let you!
I’ll leave the rest to you.

Chapter 9: A Tangled Thread

9.02 You’re worrying too much.
I don’t think she’d take it that far.
I’ll walk around with a portable assault alarm. (+5)

9.09 Answer the phone immediately
Take your time answering (+5)
Reject the call and call him back

9.12 Fashion Check
Premium: Dressing Table (Charm +75) - 300 Platinum
Normal: Make Up Box (Charm +50) - 200 Platinum/8,000 Gold

9.14 I’m not lying! (+5)
Please, believe me!
I’m a sensible person!

Chapter 10: Don’t Go Stay By My Side

10.03 I’m so sorry.
Please, don’t get angry at me.
I broke my promise.

10.07 It’s like a horror movie.
How scary...
Why did she become that way? (+5)

10.08 Special Scenario CG 
Requires 145+ Affection

10.12 You’re acting strange Yuu.
Please don’t ignore me.
What’s wrong?

Chapter 11: The Sparkle Is Right In The Palm of Your Hand

11.02 What are you going to do?
R-right here right now? (+5)
Is my hair a mess?

11.04 Fashion Check
Premium: ? (Charm +85) - 350 Platinum
Normal: ? (Charm +75) - 300 Platinum/8,000 Gold

11.06 You can put your mind at ease now.
So much has happened today.
Straight into work once we get back right. (+5)

11.09 Yuu ran away? (+5)
What do you intend to do?
Mr. Kuroda, help!

11.11 Special Scenario
Requires 165+ Affection

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