03 July, 2017

[Walkthrough] Rental Boyfriends - Haruka Doujima

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Chapter 1: My First Kiss To You

1.02 Look some more
Ask someone (+5)
Call his name

1.07 It’s okay, I don’t mind. (+5)
So, that’s normal to you?
You’re the worst.

1.14 Impossible.
Okay. (+5)
This is embarrassing.

Chapter 2: Dance, Love, and An Audition

2.05 I don’t care anymore.
I’m so embarrassed.(+5)
He’s the worst.

2.08 Clubs are too loud.
I only have bad memories of clubs. (+5)
Lots of creepy people hang out at clubs.

2.12  Special Scenario
Get a CG - Requires 25+ Affection

2.13 I need to chase after the mom.
I should say something. (+5)
There’s nothing I can do.

Chapter 3 A Hunch On Something That’s Started To Move

3.04 I’m not sure how I feel about Haruka. (+5)
Things are awkward with me and Haruka.
I feel too guilty asking him.

3.06 You have the wrong idea.
I’m not sure. (+5)

3.08 Avatar Trial
Premium: Clear-Cut Flower Patterned Blue One Piece (Charm +90) – 350 Platinum
Normal: Clear-Cut Flower Patterned Blue Thick-Heeled Pumps (Charm +50) – 200 Platinum / 2,000 Love Points

3.12 That’s one way of looking at it but.
I think she’s wrong. (+5)
Maybe she’s right.

Chapter 4: Towards A Future, Close At Hand

4.04 My heart aches. (+5)
I’m flattered.
I feel drawn to him.

4.06  Special Scenario
Get a CG - Requires 50+ Affection

4.07 I’m just curious.
Because I’m interested. (+5)
I like learning new things.

4.11 Nothing.
We’re more than friends. (+5)
We’re friends.

Chapter 5: I Love You, Even This Much

5.04 I didn’t want him to quit the audition.
I’ve developed serious feeling for him. (+5)
The timing was never right.

5.05  Special Scenario
Get a CG - Requires 65+ Affection

5.06 Don’t worry about it.
Sorry I worried you. (+5)
Quietly nod

5.10 But I’m scared.
Okay. (+5)
I can’t do it.

Chapter 6: Affections That Drown

6.01 It’s still too soon-
I’m not scared-
You really think so? (+5)

6.03 Avatar Trial
Premium: Your Room With Wooden-Feel Interior (Charm +120) – 450 Platinum
Normal: Wooden Table With A Set On Top (Charm +50) – 200 Platinum / 4,000 Love Points

6.05 I can’t wait- (+5)
I doubt it-
I’m kind of scared-

6.14 I don’t get drunk-
No, thank you-
Maybe I do want to get a little drunk. (+5)

Chapter 7

7.02 I can’t tell him.
Does he really not know?
I’m just so sad. (+5)

7.06 Tell him
Stay quiet
Change the subject (+5)

7.14 I won’t be afraid.
I’ll trust him. (+5)
I’ll fight for him.

Chapter 8: Chasing “Dreams” A plenty

8.03  Special Scenario
Get a CG - Requires 105+ Affection

8.04 I want to help him find a new passion.
I want to support him. (+5)
It’s his choice.

8.06 Will he find a new path in life.
I want to be there for him regardless. (+5)
He’ll be heartbroken.

8.07 Avatar Trial
Premium: Side-Up Long Hair With Braided Bangs (Charm +65) – 250 Platinum
Normal: Mixed Pastel-Colored Flower Hair Accessory (Charm +30) – 250 Platinum / 6000 Love Points

8.12 Dancing (+5)
Your friends

8.14  Special Scenario
Get a CG - Requires 120+ Affection

Chapter 9: Settling The Past And Thoughts Towards The Future

9.02 Are you sure you can make it up the mountain?
I’m here for you. (+5)
We do need to make her grave look nice.

9.08 Now on to finishing your physical therapy.
Did that give you closure?
Now you can move on with your life. (+5)

9.11 Do I really need to strip?
I’m embarrassed. (+5)
I don’t care if I catch a cold.

9.13  Special Scenario
Get a CG - Requires 135+ Affection

Chapter 10: Removing The Shackles Of Regret
10.04 Avatar Trial
Premium: (Charm +) – Platinum
Normal: Two-Layered Necklace of Aquamarine & Blue Topaz (Charm +30) – 350 Platinum / 8000 Love Points

10.04 I’m here for you.
I’m sure it will be okay. (+5) ?
It’ll work out somehow.

10.06 Bow to her
Stay quiet +1
Introduce yourself

10.12 She had regrets.
She missed you. (+5)
She was lonely.

10.14  Special Scenario
Get a CG - Requires 150+ Affection

Chapter 11: Being On The Highest Stage Deserves The Finest Kiss

11.01 Hide your face
Stare at him (+5)
Grab his arms

11.03  Special Scenario
Get a CG - Requires 155+ Affection

11.05 Avatar Trial
Premium: Red Multipurpose Bag with a Rabbit-Shaped (Charm + 100) – 400 Platinum
Normal: Pink Striped Towel (Charm +50) – 200 Platinum / 10000 Love Points

11.06 Keep quiet
Ask if he’s okay (+5)
Ask if he’s nervous

11.10 Optimistic
Independent (+5)

11.12  Special Scenario
Get a CG - Requires 165+ Affection

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