July 19, 2017

[Walkthrough] Several Shades of Sadism - Chiaki Kira

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for the Walkthrough!)

Main Story
Chapter 1: Ruthless Dictator

1.02 Don't give up (+5)
Think about it
Silently nod

1.10 Struggle as hard as you can
Press against his chest (+5)
Clench your hands

Chapter 2: An Ideal Boss?

2.02 Don't tease me (+5)
You're so mean!
Stay silent

2.08 It's nothing
I was admiring you
I'm sorry (+5)
2.10 Sweet Mission
Need ...Elegance

Chapter 3: Father and Son

3.04 Right (+5)
Who knows?
I guess...

3.08 Quickly pull your hand back
Say his name (+5)
Look around

3.10 Avatar Mission
Sweet Route: Pink Beaded Strap Pumps (Charm +40) - 300 Reward Points
Normal Route: Pink Ribbon Pumps (Charm +30) - 150 Reward Points/3,000 Gold

Chapter 4: Closing Distance

4.01 It's your fault (+5)
I'm not mad
I should ignore you

4.09 I hope I can
I know (+5)
You too

Chapter 5: It Was The Best of Times, It Was The Worst of Times

5.05 That's right (+5)
It's not
You think so?

5.07 But
All right (+5)
I can't drink

Chapter 6: Mountains Out of Molehills

6.01 Please get changed
Are you alright?
Let me stay by your side (+5)

6.09 I just felt like it (+5)
I'm sorry
Why can't I?

6.10 Avatar Mission
Sweet Route: Pink Accented Eyes (Charm +60) - 500 Reward Points
Normal Route: Chiffon Blouse (Charm +50) - 200 Reward Points/5,000 Gold

Chapter 7: Growing Emotions

7.03 It's nothing
You wanna know
Look away (+5)

7.08 You're horrible
That's not true (+5)
Bite your lip

Chapter 8: Late Night Visitors

8.02 Stay silent
Pull your hand back
Apologize (+5)

8.05 That would be a bad idea
All right (+5)
What should I do?

8.10 Avatar Mission
Sweet Route: Champagne Colored Dress (Charm +80) - 600 Reward Points
Normal Route: Red Flare Skirt (Charm +60) - 300 Reward Points/6000 Gold

Chapter 9: Lies and Determination

9.03 It hurts
What're you doing? (+5)
Stare blankly

9.09 Why not?
You're so mean
Stay silent (+5)

Chapter 10: The Morning After

10.04 I'm glad you feel that way
I'm sorry
Thank you (+5)

10.09 We're completely different (+5)
We're not similar
You think so?

Chapter 11: Terms of Freedom

11.05 Talk back
Let out a nervous laugh (+5)

11.09 I'm sorry (+5)
Forgive me
I did it for you

Happy End
Required Elegance: 16,000
Affection: 100+ Pts

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