16 October, 2017

Shall we date?: We the Girls + Main Page

An unexpected incident occurred one day.

Happily ever after? So they say.
Your life as a fairytale princess becomes boring once you marry the prince that you literally live the life of a couch potato.
Thanks to moody Hurricane because she sends your prince to another world!
When your luxury lifestyle is at risk, you decide to embark a journey to find your prince...!


(All Characters, Stories and Pictures belong to © NTT Solmare.)

Shall we date?:We the Girls+ on YouTube by Shall we date? - Dating sim games - NTT Solmare

My Rating:
Mature content:★★★★☆
Art quality:★★★★☆


Advice before you start playing:

  • Please login to you Facebook account when you start the game. This is an option to save your game account in case something happens to your device. If  the worst case happens, this way you can resume playing from another device!
  • DON'T waste your Pebble & Coins on clothes. You'll get some once you complete a Story, when Solmare releases Spin offs or, by getting through the Avatar Mission (in this case you need to buy them in order to pass the Checkpoint).
  • Log in every day to receive Daily Bonus gifts.
  • You can spin the Diva Slot for Free once a day!
  • You can exchange your ID code to find more friends.
  • Don't miss out on the Special Offer for Beginners. Valid only the first 36 hours after you logged in to you game for the first time!
  • Compete in the Cat Fight as often as you can, to get through the Red Carpet Checkpoint. This raises your Gossip Points and Pebbles. If you win in the Cat Fight 5 times in a row, you get an Amazing Bonus and can earn some extra Diva Points for the Diva Slot.
  • When you change to a new character, your previous game progress data, including Intimacy Level and Gossip will be reset. Even if you go back to your previous character, you cannot play from where you left off. You will start from the beginning. However, you won't loose your Coins, Pebbles, Avatar Clothes or other Items. 
  • Have you ever heard of the "Promotion Bonus"? When Solmare releases a new (+) game, and you install and play it, you'll get bonus gifts for it. You'll find more information about it, once the new game is released. 
  • Like "Shall we date" on Facebook to receive special gifts.









Coming Soon!


If you encounter a problem:
- If you play on android, please send an e-mail to: ad-wethegirls-egsupport@nttsolmare.com
- If you play on iOS, fill in the Inquiry Form on THIS page.

Dear User/Guest, if you have some time, please check out the Credits Page.
I listed there everyone who I wanted to thank for their help with this blog.

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