12 November, 2017

[Walkthrough] Moe! Ninja Girls - Season 2 - Main Story (Ricka & Myu)

(*Note: Special Thanks to Debra for letting me re-post this Walkthrough! You can find the original version HERE on Debra's website!)
(To get Ricka's Ending, choose the answers that are maked with (Ricka). To get Myu's, choose those with (Myu) at the end of the answers.)

Season 2 - Main Story

Chapter 1: The Secret Life of Myu

Ricka's help will get us through this (Ricka)
Leave it to me (Myu)
I wonder if the scroll's really in this school

What are we going to be if we cosplay? (Ricka)
Why don't you try the seducing techniques? (Myu)
Let's do them all

Ricka! (Ricka)
Are you guys OK?!
​I'll get you out of this! (Myu)

Chapter 2: Honors Ninja and Dropout Ninja
Go home, Johnny
We have to carry on like normal (Ricka)
Let's enjoy club activities


How was it, Ricka? (Ricka)
You can become a great ninja, Myu (Myu)
You might want to consider changing clothes when training

I think Ricka would be a better trainer (Ricka)
It wouldn't be good for Myu (Myu)
I'm a guy, so... 

Chapter 3: Manhunt
No, no, drink them yourselves!
OK, thanks Ricka (Ricka)
OK, thanks Myu (Myu)

Avatar Checkpoint


You don't think you can do it?
You'll do fine, because I'm here (Myu)
Ricka, you go on ahead (Ricka)

Let's go home, Ricka (Ricka)
What a good job, Myu (Myu)

Chapter 4: Future of a Failure

Ask Ricka (Ricka)
I'm worried about my kohai. So what? (Myu)
Ah, look! A ninja!

Soul Checkpoint

Will you leave it to me? (Ricka)
I'll tell her that you were worried (Myu)
Maybe she's hungry

They'll punish you if you go back!
How would I explain this to everyone else? (Myu)
​Because I'm worried about you (Ricka)

Chapter 5: Thawing
People just shouldn't sacrifice themselves
This isn't your fault (Ricka)
Myu will be sad if you are hurt (Myu)

Avatar Checkpoint


It was all thanks to Ricka (Ricka)
Yeah. Are you hurt? (Myu)
It was thanks to the rabbit

...Because of your smile (Ricka)
I don't want you to worry your kohai (Myu)
Because you're an important member of the ninja seeking club 

Chapter 6: Bargaining Point

Let it go and leave it all to me (Ricka)
That would put Myu in danger (Myu)
Let's think about this one more time

Avatar Checkpoint


How's it looking, Myu? (Myu)
Hmmm... interesting
How's it going, Ricka? (Ricka)

Myu... that looks tight (Myu)
How about me?
Ricka looks as great as I thought she would (Ricka)

Chapter 7: Mission: School at Night
 I'm not interested in you guys
Yeah, umm... (Ricka)
You can trust me (Myu)

Ricka looks like she knows what she's doing (Ricka)
Why don't you try it, Myu? (Myu)
Maybe me...

Avatar Checkpoint


Nah, now's not the time for guilt
We won't let anyone blame you (Myu)
​Please trust in Ricka and me (Ricka)

Chapter 8: Shadows vs. Shadows

Run, guys! (Ricka)
Take Myu's hand (Myu)
Leave this to me and go on ahead!

This way, Myu! (Myu)
Ricka, let's distract them! (Ricka)
Everyone, split up!

Soul Checkpoint

The ceiling!
In the locker! (Ricka)
​Inside the teacher's desk! (Myu)

Chapter 9: We Knew the Unknown

The early bird gets the worm (Ricka)
I'll persuade Myu (Myu)

Avatar Checkpoint


That nostalgic sensation...
You're taking things the wrong way... (Myu)
Sometimes that happens in a fight (Ricka)

Who do you think I am? (Myu)
Well, there were a few things...... (Ricka)
Because of how her boobs felt 

Chapter 10: Student Ninjas
I'm ready
I refuse to involve my kohai (Myu)
This isn't just my problem (Ricka)

Soul Checkpoint

It's because Myu is now a full-fledged ninja (Myu)
Nothing will come out of me by glaring at me like that
It's because of Ricka (Ricka)

Just take it, Ricka (Ricka)
I'll protect you, Myu (Myu)
I'm sure things will turn out fine
Chapter 11

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