21 December, 2017

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Modern Cinderella - Pablo Sanchez

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Chapter 1
(8 Episodes)

1.02 Stay silent for the time being.
Answer honestly. (+Best Choice)

1.06 You're so cheesy.
You're so nice. (+Best Choice)

1.0? Love-Choice
Premium: Pablo's Body: 5 Crystal

1.08 Midnight-Checkpoint
Need 100pt to pass

Chapter 2
(8 Episodes)

2.02 Are you a mind reader?
Thank you. (+Best Choice)

2.07 I'll have a run and coke.
I'll have a hot wine as well. (+Best Choice)

2.08 Midnight-Checkpoint
Need 2,200pt to pass
Get: 'Pablo: Limited Special Photo #1'

2.08 Pablo Special Scenario
Get 2x CG's

Chapter 3
(7 Episodes)

3.02 Work.
A date. (+Best Choice)

3.03 Love-Choice
Premium: Elegant Floral Outfit: 50 Crystal -> Get 2x CG's
Normal: Book w/ Book Jacket (Pablo): 30 Crystal / 10,000 Edel-Cash

3.05 Watch Pablo.
Watch couples. (+Best Choice)

Chapter 4
(9 Episodes)

4.04 I'm not.
Admit I'm nervous. (+Best Choice)

4.06 Watch and wait.
Say something. (+Best Choice)

Chapter 5
(8 Episodes)

5.01 Maybe that's true.
It IS my business. (+Best Choice)

5.04 Love-Choice
Premium: Loose Side-swept Braid (Pablo): 60 Crystal -> Get 2x CG's
Normal: Chic Heel Sneakers (Pablo): 40 Crystal / 13,000 Edel-Cash

5.05 Keep working on it.
Let's go on a date. (+Best Choice)

Chapter 6
(9 Episodes)

6.02 Invite him to Aiden's bar.
Invite him on a date. (+Best Choice)

6.07 Go home.
Go to the bar. (+Best Choice)

6.08 Midnight-Checkpoint
Need 12,800pt to pass
Get: 'Pablo: Limited Special Photo #2'

Chapter 7
(7 Episodes)

7.01 No.
Sure. (+Best Choice)

7.04 Love-Choice
Premium: Novelist Cape Outfit Set (Pablo): 85 Crystal -> Get 2x CG's
Normal: Antique Chest (Pablo): 55 Crystal / 15,000 Edel-Cash

7.07 Can we wait?
I'm ready. (+Best Choice)

Chapter 8
(7 Episodes)

8.02 You're exaggerating.
Maybe you're right. (+Best Choice)

8.05 That sounds perfect.
Stop with the jokes. (+Best Choice)

8.09 Midnight-Checkpoint
Need 20,700pt to pass
Get: 'Pablo: Limited Special Photo #3'

Chapter 9
(6 Episodes)

9.03 Love-Choice
Premium: Railroad in Sunset (Pablo): 110 Crystal -> Get 2x CG's
Normal: Modern Office (Pablo): 75 Crystal / 28,000 Edel-Cash

9.05 Perfect face?
I can see that. (+Best Choice)

9.06 Don't ask.
Ask. (+Best Choice)

Chapter 10
(9 Episodes)

10.0? Midnight-Checkpoint
Need ?pt to pass
Get: 'Pablo: Limited Special Photo #4'

10.04 That's not true.
I agree. (+Best Choice)

10.06 Look at Pablo.
Call Pablo over. (+Best Choice)

10.09 Midnight-Checkpoint
Need 30,000pt to pass
Get: 'Pablo: Limited Special Photo #5'


1. Metamorphosis Ending = Default Ending
Get: 5x Story Ticket, 10x Power Recovery Item, 1x 'Hidden Study Room' (Pablo) [Background]

2. Evolution Ending = 1st Heart on the Meter + 2 CG's
Get: 5x Story Ticket, 10x Crystal, 50x Power Recovery Item, 1x Glossy Straight Hair' (Pablo) [Her], 1x 'Stripe Bell Bottom Pants' (Pablo) [Her], 1x Splashy Headscarf' (Pablo) [Her], 1x 'Arm Candy Cuffs' (Pablo) [Her]

3. Rebirth Ending = 2nd Heart on the Meter + 2 CG's
Get: 5x Story Ticket, 25x Crystal, 100x Power Recovery Item, 1x 'Vintage Knit Cardigan' (Pablo), 1x 'Stylish Espadrilles' (Pablo), 1x 'Orange Rose Bouquet' (Pablo)

4. All Endings: 1 Picture

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