17 January, 2018

[Walkthrough] Moe! Ninja Girls - Season 3 - Main Story (Akari & Enju)

(*Note: Special Thanks to Debra for letting me re-post this Walkthrough! You can find the original version HERE on Debra's website!)
(To get Akari's Ending, choose the answers that are maked with (Akari). To get Enju's, choose those with (Enju) at the end of the answers.)

Season 2 - Main Story

Chapter 01: O Partner, Where Art Thou
No, no... You see... (Akari)
Of course not! (Enju)
I need to think of something, quick!

Tell her the truth (Enju)
Where's Akari gone? (Akari)
It's nothing.

I don't want to lie to Akari. (Akari)
What do you think, Enju? (Enju)
This isn't just my decision to make.
Chapter 02: Kamuy Seeking Club
Their ninja costumes are too revealing...
It's important that we stay hidden. (Akari)
I want everyone to enjoy the ninja seeking club. (Enju)

Maybe it is possible...
I'm not that stupid (Akari)
You must be joking. (Enju)


Marvelous... simply marvelous...
Here, Akari. Take my hand! (Akari)
​Here, Enju. Take my hand! (Enju)
Chapter 03: Windblast in Town
Maybe she's started a naughty job.
I want to trust in Tengge-san. (Akari)
Let's go and find out. (Enju)

We've got similar backgrounds. (Enju)
You should tell Akari that, too. (Akari)
So that's why you're so hard-headed...

You won't defeat me that easily! (Akari)
I don't want to look bad. (Enju)
This is no good, let's run!

Avatar Checkpoint

Chapter 04: The Jump
Let Tengge use her feminine wiles
Play hardball with him (Enju)
Ask him nicely (Akari)

Soul Checkpoint

...Thanks. (Enju)
You're very kind. (Akari)
Favor for a favor. Is that it?

Just put your back into it (Akari)
...Show her, Enju (Enju)
All you need is guts!
Chapter 05: The Excursion
That certificate is as good as yours! (Akari)
I hope all goes well. (Enju)
So we're going on a field trip?

It's safer to stick together. (Enju)
Immediately let go
Let's see what Akari's doing (Akari)

Avatar Checkpoint


I'd love to hear you sing again (Akari)
It was... Very unique
What about you, Enju? (Enju)
Chapter 06: The Glory
Go, Akari! Fly high! (Akari)
Say something, Enju! (Enju)
Now's my chance... To look up her skirt!

Avatar Checkpoint


Be sexier! Show off your bust!
You're just so cute! (Akari)
I can't watch any more... (Enju)

You did great, Akari. (Akari)
It means one more item for the record. (Enju)
Johnny'll be picking up the bill.
Chapter 07: Talking Her Out
That's just too much.
I understand her concern, but... (Enju)
But do YOU want to quit, Akari? (Akari)

Soul Point Checkpoint

She seems like a nice person. (Akari)
Like Enju said, leave it to he.r (Enju)
...Shoot, my stomach!

We need you around... We all do. (Akari)
We need your around... For Enju. (Enju)
To keep this club going.
Chapter 08: Welcome Back
Avatar Checkpoint


We're in serious trouble. (Enju)
Akari needs our help. (Akari)
It's Johnny. He missed you.

...That cleavage, though!
You make a cute maid, Akari. (Akari)
You make a dignified maid, Enju. (Enju)

The ninja seeking club name means everything.
Whatever you choose, I support you. (Akari)
​We worked hard to get this club started. (Enju)
Chapter 09: Seventeen Years Apart
Just be sincere. (Akari)
We could try seducing her.
A proper explanation should do. (Enju)

We'll make sure she gets the message, John.
Just leave it to me. (Akari)
I'll leave the explaining to you, Enju. (Enju)

Soul Point Checkpoint

Girls have such soft hands...
Gently squeeze her hand (Akari)
​Act natural (Enju)
Chapter 10: Ninja Seekers
It looks good on you. (Akari)
It seems a little tight.
It should be a bit more revealing... (Enju)

Avatar Checkpoint


Was that... (Enju)
... (Akari)
One more time!

This could be dangerous. (Akari)
That's not something we should be doing. (Enju)
What does everyone think?
Chapter 11


  1. Hello ! I noticed a mistake on the chapter 10.

    I went for Akari's ending and when choosing "One more time !", it said it was only an "okay" choice. Well, at this point of the walkthrough, it doesn't change anything, but I wanted to notify you :p