07 January, 2018

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Modern Cinderella - Chris Armstrong

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Chapter 1
(9 Episodes)

1.03 Why don't we go on a climb together, Aiden
Could you tell me more about it, Chris? (+Best Choice)

1.05 Love-Choice
Premium: Chris's Body: 5 Crystal

1.07 Let me think about it.
No thanks. (+Best Choice)

1.08 Midnight-Checkpoint
Need 100pt to pass

Chapter 2
(7 Episodes)

2.02 Not yet.
Sure! (+Best Choice)

2.04 Chris Special Scenario
Get 2x CG's

2.05 Midnight-Checkpoint
Need 3,000pt to pass

2.06 Ask him to dinner.
Buy him a beer. (+Best Choice)

Chapter 3
(7 Episodes)

3.02 Maybe I'll have a soda.
Maybe I'll have some soy milk. (+Best Choice)

3.03 Aiden will be pleased.
Just one? (+Best Choice)

3.07 Love-Choice
Premium: Sexy Striped Top Set (Chris): 50 Crystal -> Get 2x CG's
Normal: Bottled Water (Chris): 30 Crystal / 10,000 Edel-Cash

Chapter 4
(8 Episodes)

4.03 I'll escape to the bathroom.
I'll call you over right away. (+Best Choice)

4.07 Midnight-Checkpoint
Need 7,500pt to pass

4.08 I don't miss him.
I guess I do miss him. (+Best Choice)

Chapter 5
(9 Episodes)

5.01 What have you been doing all this time?
How have you been? (+Best Choice)

5.05 Thank you for what?
Of course! (+Best Choice)

5.07 Love-Choice
Premium: Energetic Layered Hair (Chris): 60 Crystal -> Get 2x CG's
Normal: Multi-Colored Loafers (Chris): 40 Crystal / 13,000 Edel-Cash

Chapter 6
(10 Episodes)

6.03 Don't be gone too long.
I'll go with you. (+Best Choice)

6.06 I'm coming.
Wait just a minute. (+Best Choice)

6.09 Midnight-Checkpoint
Need 13,500pt to pass

Chapter 7
(8 Episodes)

7.02 Finding out who hurt you.
Getting your memory back. (+Best Choice)

7.06 Love-Choice
Premium: Camo Bomber Jacket Set (Chris): 85 Crystal -> Get 2x CG's
Normal: Cheerful Camping Table (Chris): 55 Crystal / 16,000 Edel-Cash

7.07 Stop it, Pablo.
Don't listen to him, Chris. (+Best Choice)

Chapter 8
(9 Episodes)

8.04 Let's go back to my apartment.
Let's go to the police. (+Best Choice)

8.06 Think of something I can do here.
Go find someone to help. (+Best Choice)

8.07 Midnight-Checkpoint
Need 22,000pt to pass

Chapter 9
(7 Episodes)

9.03 Let's still look for a guide.
I'll guide you. (+Best Choice)

9.04 Love-Choice
Premium: Warm Mountain Lodge (Chris): 110 Crystal -> Get 2x CG's
Normal: Mountain Landscape (Chris): 75 Crystal / 28,000 Edel-Cash

9.07 I'm not angry.
Kiss me 100 times. (+Best Choice)

Chapter 10
(8 Episodes)

10.02 We won't be separated.
We'll be fine. (+Best Choice)

10.04 No thanks.
I have Chris. (+Best Choice)

10.07 Midnight-Checkpoint
Need 33,000 pt to pass


1. Metamorphosis Ending = Default Ending
Get: 5x Story Ticket, 10x Power Recovery Item, x 'Mythical Aurora' (Chris) [Background]

2. Evolution Ending = 1st Heart on the Meter + 2 CG's
Get: 5x Story Ticket, 10x Crystal, 20x Power Recovery Item, 1x 'Rough Short Hair' (Chris), 1x 'Floral Cardigan Set' (Chris), 1x 'Cute Backpack' (Chris), 1x 'Floral Chiffon Headband' (Chris)

3. Rebirth Ending = 2nd Heart on the Meter + 2 CG's
Get: 5x Story Ticket, 25x Crystal, 100x Power Recovery Item, 1x 'Gold Line Jacket Set' (Chris) [Him], 1x 'Trekking Shoes' (Chris) [Him], 1x 'Camera' (Chris) [Him]

4. All Endings: 1 Picture