10 March, 2018

[Walkthrough] Midnight Cinderella - Rayvis Harneit

(*Note: Special Thanks to Hope for this Walkthrough!)

Main Route

Part 1

1.03 I stared in confusion.
I asked his name. (Honey)
I studied him dubiously. (Sugar)

1.04 CG!

1.06 His words made my heart ache. (Sugar)
I frowned as I thought about it.
His reaction seemed cold. (Honey)

Part 2

2.02 We need to meet them halfway. (Honey)
We have the same goal, right?
Our interests need to align. (Sugar)

2.09 I guess so. (Honey)
I could not do that.
I thought so, too. (Sugar)

Part 3

3.03 I took it, feeling surprised.
I took it cautiously. (Sugar)
I took it excitedly. (Honey)

3.05 Royal Challenge:
Premium: Fairy Tale Chess Lolita Dress (Beauty 50+) - 300 Coins
Normal: Fairy Tale Striped Ribbon Skirt (Beauty 20+) - 100 Coins or 3,500 Bells

3.08 I did not want to rush my answer. (Honey)
I nodded quickly. (Sugar)
I was unable to decide.

Part 4

4.03 Yes, of course.
With me? (Sugar)
I would be delighted. (Honey)

4.08 Never mind.
I wanted to thank you. (Honey) 
I want to keep talking to you. (Sugar)

Part 5

5.04 What? (Honey)
That is not it at all. (Sugar)

5.05 Royal Challenge:
Need 2,500 Grace pts

5.07 I appreciate your compliment. (Honey)
Your compliment surprised me. (Sugar)
It is nothing.

Part 6

6.03 I am okay.
You are so kind. (Honey)
I was so scared. (Sugar)

6.05 Royal Challenge:
Premium: Ash Blonde Braided Waves (Beauty 80+) - 400 Coins
Normal: Soft Blue-Black Bob (Beauty 25+) - 150 Coins or 5,000 Bells

6.07 I questioned myself.
I felt remorseful. (Honey)
I dropped my gaze. (Sugar)

Part 7

7.03 Thank you for telling me. (Honey)
I had no idea. (Sugar)
Are you sure?

7.09 I nodded. (Honey)
I met his gaze. (Sugar)
I hesitated.

Part 8

8.04 I still have a long way to go. (Honey)
That feels like too much praise. (Sugar)
I am not strong enough yet.

8.05 Royal Challenge:
Premium: Royal Black Pumps and Ribbon (Beauty 80+) - 400 Coins
Normal: Pink Rose Corsage and Shoes (Beauty 25+) - 150 Coins or 5,000 Bells

8.09 I asked about Rayvis. (Honey)
I asked about his parents.
I asked about Robert. (Sugar)

Part 9

9.02 I thought I was mistaken then.
But last time-- (Sugar)
I remember that. (Honey)

9.09 I am thinking about it. (Honey)
I began to blush.
I tried to avoid the topic. (Sugar)

9.10 Royal Challenge:
Need 6,000 Grace pts

Part 10

10.02 What are you doing here?
Did you come to save me? (Honey)
What on earth is going on? (Sugar)

10.05 Royal Challenge:
Premium: Royal Black Floral Strapless Dress (Beauty 100+) - 500 Coins
Normal: Bejewelled Pink Dress (Beauty 50+) - 300 Coins or 8,000 Bells

10.07 I just need to keep it together." (Honey)
You are right.
I guess so. (Sugar)

Secret End: 15000+ Grace Points at Honey Route 13.10
Honey End: Honey Route, 15000 Grace Points
Sugar End: Sugar Route


Honey Route

Part 11

11.04 I am having trouble keeping calm. (Honey)
I wanted to get some fresh air. (Sugar)
If I do, I will just fret.

11.06 That makes me happy. (Honey)
That gives me a strange feeling. (Sugar)
That surprises me.

Part 12

12.04 It can be dangerous at night. (Sugar)It is getting late.
Will you be okay, all alone?" (Honey)

12.05 Royal Challenge:
Need 13,500 Grace pts

12.08 Okay. (Honey)
No! (Sugar)

Honey End

HE.02 I nodded nervously. (Honey)
I was surprised he knew.
I blushed. (Sugar)

HE.05 Royal Challenge:
Premium: Elegant Black Ballroom Set (Beauty 180+) - 900 Coins
Normal: Lace Bodice Navy Gown Set (Beauty 100+) - 500 Coins or 20,000 Bells

HE.08 I turned to look out the window.
I took a step back. (Sugar)
I stared at Rayvis. (Honey)


Sugar Route

Part 11

11.05 Who sent this?
Is that what I think it is? (Sugar)
Why did they avoid the guards? (Honey)

11.09 What?
Really? (Sugar)
Oh, of course! (Honey)

Part 12

12.04 I felt worried and afraid. (Honey)
I forced myself to be calm. (Sugar)
I tried to stop thinking about it.

12.05 Royal Challenge:
Need 13,500 Grace pts

12.09 What are you doing here?
This is so sudden! (Honey)
Did Nico tell you to come here? (Sugar)

Sugar End

SE.02 Thank you.
That makes me feel stronger." (Honey)
No matter where I am?" (Sugar)
SE.05 Royal Challenge:
Premium: Ruby Red and Pink Ballgown Set (Beauty 180+) - 900 Coins
Normal: Misty Blue Long Dress Set (Beauty 100+) - 500 Coins or 20,000 Bells

SE.07 (I wonder how everyone is doing?) (Honey)
(I hope the protests died down.)
(I wonder how it went with Protea.) (Sugar)

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