21 March, 2018

[Walkthrough] Our Two Bedroom Story - Kagetora Oji

Season 2: Main Story

(*Note: Special Thanks to Aiko for the Walkthrough!)

Episode 1
Call her 'Sis'
Convince him to postpone.

Episode 2
It's delicious.
At least let me pay half.

Episode 3
Seek advice
Own up to it

Episode 4
I love everything you make!
Milk might help.

Episode 5
I see your point.
Offer him a snack

Episode 6
Contracts suck!
Sorry I touched you.

Episode 7
Try one!
You'll catch my cold...

Episode 8
What defines an office flower, to you?
Teach me to use it.

Episode 9
Anything I can do?
We had a contract!

Episode 10
About work...
It was worse for him...

Episode 11
You don't know him!
Thanks for the juice.

Episode 12
I know.
Let's go to lunch sometime.

Happy Ending

Season 2: Sequel

(*Note: Special Thank you to Detestie for this Walkthough!)

Episode 1
Ruffle his hair too
Let's compare schedules!

Episode 2
Be honest
Cook together

Episode 3
Sit down
No way!

Episode 4
Put your arms around him
Pretend not to hear

Episode 5
Respond to note

Episode 6
Ask about his dinner plans

Episode 7
Tell him to keep working.
Lean on him.
Happy Ending

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