12 March, 2018

[Walkthrough] When Destiny Comes Knocking - Shintaro Ando

Main Story

(*Note: Special Thanks to Aiko for sending me this Walkthrough!
To fully grasp the story, I recommend to read the "In Demand Route" first and to choose all of Shintaro's options.)

Episode 1
I'll go home alone.
Panic and make a run for it.

Episode 2
You're an asshole!
Say, 'My friends asked me to.'

Episode 3
Should we make a pinky promise?
I'm seeing you in a while new light.

Episode 4
I don't appreciate your teasing!
I dare you to say that to the puppy.

Episode 5
Why were you okay with me coming over?
Be honest, 'You're so handsome.'

Episode 6
You really watch me carefully.
A capable coworker.

Episode 7
It's a secret
Shintaro doesn't do office romances.

Episode 8
What did you want to be when you were a kid?
That wasn't a date just now.

Episode 9
Considerate guys.
Want to go to Jinja?

Episode 10
Did a file hit you on the head?
Ask him in a email.

Episode 11
Say. 'You're a terrible liar.'

Episode 12
Even I cry sometimes.
Because I wanted to find love.

Super Happy End