14 May, 2018

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Guard me, Sherlock! - George Lestrade

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin for the Walkthrough!)

Main Story


0.03 Quiz Time
M (Correct)

Get 3x CG's

Chapter 1: The Intruder
(16 Episodes)

1.02 Will you hear me out or not?
You two argue like brothers. (Best Choice)

1.03 Call Mr. Holmes.
Agree with Inspector Lestrade. (Best Choice)

1.07 Um ….
They might have mentioned that. (Best Choice)

1.09 Did someone break in and drop it?
Looks like somebody smashed it. (Best Choice)

1.11 Quiz Time
George. (Correct!)

1.13 Worry him.
Chime him. (Best Choice)

1.14 Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: George's Body [Casual]: 5 Jewel or 500 Tokens

Chapter 2: Warm Welcome
(11 Episodes)

2.01 Don't blame him.
It's my fault. (Best Choice)

2.03 Sweetie Checkpoint
Need 160pt
Get: 221B Academy: Uproar Over Mystery Stink

2.04 Quiz Time
50 Pounds.
75 Pounds.
25 Pounds. (+20x Power Recovery Item)

2.05 I'm scared.
Inspector Lestrade. (Best Choice)

2.07 It's nothing.
I'm just a little worried. (Best Choice)

2.08 Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Blood Orange Furred Stiletto Heels [Casual]: 10 Jewel + 1 CG
Normal: See-trough Ivory Lace High Heels: 5 Jewel or 1,200 Tokens

2.10 I can't wait.
I'm nervous. (Best Choice)

Chapter 3: A Clue
(12 Episodes)

3.01 Are you all right John?
Yes, like a rock. (Best Choice)

3.03 Sherlock used deduction.
Calm down, Inspector. (Best Choice)

3.05 I-it was brilliant.
Your imitation was spot on. (Best Choice)

3.07 Sweetie Checkpoint
Need 3,200pt
Get: 221B Academy: Midnight School

3.07 Quiz Time
Flip your grip.
Use your mouth.
Start with arms crossed. (Correct!)
3.08 This is no time for that.
Gain? (Best Choice)

Chapter 4: ???
(10 Episodes)

4.01 I'm curious about the victim.
I'm curious about the other statues. (Best Choice)

4.03 Quiz Time
Ask which door they would enter.
Ask if their door leads to truth.
Ask what the other guard would choose. (Correct!)

4.04 Sweetie Checkpoint
Need 4,900pt
Get: 221B Academy: Ticket War

4.05 We should research him.
We're at a standstill. (Best Choice)

4.06 You're better than I thought.
Brilliant deduction. (Best Choice)

4.07 Is that you being humble?
Be proud of what you know. (Best Choice)

Chapter 5: ???
(8 Episodes)

5.01 Would you stop it already?
Did no one hear us come in? (Best Choice)

5.02 We found some clues!
Thanks to Inspector Lestrade … (Best Choice)

5.04 Try to ask them about the criminal.
To try and get the statues. (Best Choice)

5.05 Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Wavy Hair with Pompadour-bangs: 15 Jewel + 1 CG
Normal: Braided Upstyle with Red Butterfly Hair Clips: 10 Jewel or 2,400 Coins

5.06 Could you mediate?
Don't worry about it, John. (Best Choice)

5.07 Quiz Time
Before 8.
Between 10 and 3.
Between 9 and 7. (Correct!)

Chapter 6: ???
(14 Episodes)

6.01 I think you look great.
You're like a businessman. (Best Choice)

6.03 That was a brilliant performance, Inspector.
Do we know each other? (Best Choice)

6.07 Sweetie Checkpoint
Need 10,600pt
Get: 221B Academy: Expelled, Sherlock

6.10 Calm down.
He's not that kind of person. (Best Choice)

6.12 Quiz Time
I don't know.
They're clones.
They're triplets. (+20x Power Recovery Item)

6.13 Yes, please.
Aren't you … (Best Choice)

Chapter 7: Misjudgement
(11 Episodes)

7.01 It's not your fault.
Are you okay? (Best Choice)

7.03 Sweetie Checkpoint
Need 13,900pt
Get: 221B Academy: The Case of the Missing Teacher

7.04 Let's get Mycroft to help.
We need their contact information. (Best Choice)

7.07 Quiz Time
Speed. (Correct!)

7.08 I was angry, too.
I was scared. (Best Choice)

7.10 Sorry to make you come.
I'm making a face? (Best Choice)

Chapter 8: Close Call
(7 Episodes)

8.01 Quiz Time
Their car did it.
The neighborhood kids did it.
Their baby did it. (+20x Power Recovery Item)

8.02 We have to catch him.
Now what? (Best Choice)

8.03 Peek at the perpetrator.
Cling to Mycroft. (Best Choice)

8.04 Where are you going?
Thanks for protecting me. (Best Choice)

8.05 Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Tiered Bijou Necklace: 70 Jewel + 1 CG
Normal: Pearl Bangle: 50 Jewel or 5,200 Coins

8.06 Is he in trouble?!
Did he find something out? (Best Choice)

Chapter 9: Breaking Cover
(12 Episodes)

9.01 You're making sweets.
Is that chocolate I smell? (Best Choice)

9.02 Quiz Time
Tell the police.
Hire a detective.
Wait for the next day and see.

9.04 Don't be mean, Inspector.
You're burning the chocolate, Sherlock. (Best Choice)

9.06 Move right.
Move forward.
Falter back. (Best Choice)

9.11 That's a nasty bruise.
Are you hurt? (Best Choice)

9.12 Sweetie Checkpoint
Need 24,900pt
Get: 221B Academy: The Re-revision of the School Regulations

Chapter 10: Secrets Remaining
(16 Episodes)

10.01 Cooperation.
A way to sell it. (Best Choice)

10.02 You should help your brother.
Why don't you hear him out? (Best Choice)

10.06 About how loved you are.
It's okay. I love you, too. (Best Choice)

10.08 You're so kind.
I wanted to talk with you more. (Best Choice)

10.11 Quiz Time
Simon Weinberger.
Rene Van Damme.
Rene Weinberger. (Correct!)
10.15 Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Gorgeous Pink Furry Dress: 130 Jewel + 1 CG
Normal: Ivory White Silk Dress with Red See-trough Lace and Bijou: 100 Jewel or 5,200 Coins


1. Happy Ending
Get: 5x Story Tickets, 10x Jewels, 100x Power Recovery Item, 1x Main Hall [Background]

2. Blissful Ending (2 CG's)

Get: 5x Story Tickets, 25x Jewels, 200x Power Recovery Item, 1x Everyday Outfit (George), 1x Fur Bolero Jacket [Her]

Day 11: ?
(9 Episodes)

11.? ? (get Blissful-Ending Route B)
? (get Blissful-Ending Route A)

Blissful-Ending Route A:
George's Ending (11 Episodes)

12.? 2 Picture's

Blissful-Ending Route B:
Sherlock's Ending (?/?)

12.? 2 Picture's

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