21 July, 2018

[Walkthrough] Bad Boys do it Better! - Yuki Saejima

Main Story

(*Note: Special Thanks to Deborah for this Walkthrough!)
Episode 1
Fall down
I wanted to save you
Episode 2
OK, I’ll come make it!
Not being able to thank him
Episode 3
I am afraid of pigeons
Is there something on my face?
Episode 4
Mr. Saejima
Feel sad
Episode 5
Are you mad at me?
This is bad
Episode 6
Just drop me off on the way
You’re hurt
Episode 7
I’m waiting for people
Can I wash them again?
Episode 8
Go karts
It’s hot in here
Episode 9
He’s my teacher
I don’t know where to go!
Episode 10
Do you want me to leave?
I want to stay with you
Episode 11
Dodge the question
I feel dizzy…
Episode 12
Kisses have meaning
Were you worried about me?

Episode 13
Stop saying weird things!
Tell them that I’m leaving now
Episode 14
How did you know?
I wanted to see you

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