21 July, 2018

[Walkthrough] Celebrity Darling - Ryuji Soma

Main Story

(*Note: Special Thanks to Detestie for this Walkthrough!
To read the Normal and Bad Ending and the Gameover Story, just click on them in the Chapter Selection.)

Episode 1
Say hello to Ryuji Soma.
Yes. Thank you.

Episode 2
Say hi.
Act natural; don't force anything.
I can see that.

Episode 3
An actress.
Sit down with Ryuji.
Lots of people.

Episode 4
Hand him water.
Yes, I do.
Is it because of my acting?

Episode 5
Eat with them.
What's happening with the baseball game?
So...you smoke.

Episode 6
I'm sorry about yesterday.
An ex?
I'm so sorry!

Episode 7
Ask about the ocean location.
No, it's fine.

Episode 8
Good idea!
That's how I feel, anyway.

Episode 9
Do it.
Thank you.

Episode 10
The line you said that's not in the script.
You kept messing up your lines.

Episode 11
I'm surprised, to be honest.
It was Kaori's request.
Turn around.

Episode 12
I wanted to see your face.
Ah, no.
I'd like to do the read-through.

Episode 13
I'm kind of excited.
Please believe me.
Yeah, I know...

Episode 14
The person who did it is close to Kaori?
You were in her dressing room.
What's Kaori Hazuki like?

Episode 15
You still love her?
No, I'm not.
That's idealistic.

Episode 16
Me too.
Sounds romantic.
I'll do it.

Episode 17
What was your first acting job?
Follow the script.
I'm glad I saw them with you.

Episode 18
Call Ryuji's cell.
Check the cast list.

Episode 19
Ryuji is going to Hollywood.
I'm sorry.
Call Ryuji's cell.

Episode 20
Don't answer.
Go with him.
Happy Ending

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