24 July, 2018

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Guard me, Sherlock! - Henry Jekyll

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin & Ale Lopes for the Walkthrough!)

Main Story


0.03 Quiz Time
M (Correct)

Get 3x CG's

Chapter 1: A Request
(10 Episodes)

1.01 I'll go elsewhere.
You were the last person I could turn to. (Best Choice)

1.03 Because people in the theater were victims?
Because dogs were stolen? (Best Choice)

1.05 Quiz Time
Because you're so talented.
Because there are people who help you.
Because you keep investigating until you solve the case. (Correct! +80x Token)

1.07 So you're going to investigate more?
So you're going to the lab? (Best Choice)

1.09 I think I can help.
Will it be dangerous? (Best Choice)

1.10 Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Henry's Body [Sexy]: 5 Jewel or 500 Tokens + 1 CG

Chapter 2: The Head of the Lab
(9 Episodes)

2.02 You're not going to get permission?
Wait, are you going to … (Best Choice)

2.03 You look alike.
You two get along really well. (Best Choice)

2.04 Could you tone down the fighting?
Let's not get emotional. (Best Choice)

2.05 No need to provoke him.
We need Sherlock. (Best Choice)

2.07 Quiz Time
Four. (Correct! +20x Power Recovery Item)

2.08 Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Flask Heels: 10 Jewel + 1 CG
Normal: Ankle Strap Heels (Yellow): 5 Jewel or 850 Token

2.09 I don't know.
I want to know about your research. (Best Choice)

Chapter 3: Jekyll and Hyde
(13 Episodes)

3.02 I'm enjoying myself.
You're really good at explaining things. (Best Choice)

3.03 That's kind of surprising.
Now that's a new discovery. (Best Choice)

3.04 Sweetie Checkpoint
Need 3,700pt
Get: 221B Academy: The First-Year Chemistry Teacher

3.06 I'd love to see him.
Oh, looking forward to it. (Best Choice)

3.09 If Edward says it's OK.
Sure thing. (Best Choice)

3.10 Quiz Time
They were cousins.
They were brothers-in-law.
They are father and son. (Correct! +80x Token)

3.11 Is that a threat?
Now that's an honor. (Best Choice)

Chapter 4: The Demon Dog Nightmare
(12 Episodes)

4.01 Sweetie Checkpoint
Need 4,200pt
Get: 221B Academy: The Athlete's Ethology'

4.02 I'm scared.
I want to find out what it is. (Best Choice)

4.03 If it's just something he's been thinking about …
No way. (Best Choice)

4.09 What are you doing out at this hour?
Do you know Henry? (Best Choice)

4.10 Well, how's the investigation?
I had a bad dream last night, that's all. (Best Choice)

4.11 Sweetie Checkpoint
Need 5,500pt
Get: 221B Academy: Brother's Smiles'

4.11 Quiz Time
Because he wanted so see something rare.
Because he wasn't that interested to begin with.
Because there were no footprints leaving the cave. (Correct! +20x Power Recovery Item)

Chapter 5: ???
(14 Episodes)

5.01 I'll just make trouble for you.
I'll indulge for a little while … (Best Choice)

5.03 He's really cute.
I think it would be possible to steal one. (Best Choice)

5.05 I would have been so glad to hear it, too.
I'm really glad I know now. (Best Choice)

5.07 Mikah, can you stop them?
Let's talk about where Pitt is. (Best Choice)

5.10 Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Stuffed Teacup Poodle: 15 Jewel + 1 CG
Normal: Round-bottom Flask: 10 Jewel or 3,500 Coins

5.13 Sweetie Checkpoint
Need 11,300pt
Get: 221B Academy: The Exception and the Rule'

5.13 Quiz Time
6. (Correct! +80x Token)

Chapter 6: The Hidden Truth
(7 Episodes)

6.01 What do you mean?
You're the one who found Pitt for me. (Best Choice)

6.02 Well, you're just so soft spoken.
Well, you're just so nice. (Best Choice)

6.03 You sure you're not being overprotective?
It's one of his unique quirks. (Best Choice)

6.04 It wasn't boring?
I'm really glad to hear that. (Best Choice)

6.05 I was worried at first.
That's rude Sherlock. (Best Choice)

6.07 Quiz Time
Use a blood type horoscope.
Have them answer with body language.
Have them answer at timed intervals. (Correct! +20x Power Recovery Item)

Chapter 7: Search the Lab
(9 Episodes)

7.02  … the demon dog came from those experiments?
 … the experiments are being conducted here? (Best Choice)

7.03 Body slam the corridor wall.
Crawl on the floor and search. (Best Choice)

7.04 Sweetie Checkpoint
Need 14,500pt
Get: 221B Academy: Let's play with Doggies'

7.04 You're just taking out your anger on him.
Let's change our approach. (Best Choice)

7.05 I can't get angry.
I'm frustrated. (Best Choice)

7.07 Quiz Time
Because he'd made an unpleasant prediction.
Because he interfered with his work.
Because he was a night security guard. (Correct! +80x Token)

Chapter 8: Follow the Track
(6 Episodes)

8.01 You didn't need to do that!
Don't disappear on me like that. (Best Choice)

8.02 Want to come back later?
We're going to find it, definitely. (Best Choice)

8.03 Quiz Time
The tip of the branch.
On the trunk.
Inside the truck hollow. (Correct! +20 Power Recovery Item)

8.04 Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Party Updo with Fluffy Accessory: 70 Jewel + 1 CG
Normal: White Lap Frill Coat: 50 Jewel or 4,700 Coins

8.05 Sorry for tripping like that.
Thanks for protecting me? (Best Choice)

8.06 Is it to attract tourists?
The negativity around the old lab won't fade, huh? (Best Choice)

Chapter 9: The Night Is Still Young
(8 Episodes)

9.01 So B's the truth behind the case!
So B's the demon dog rumor! (Best Choice)

9.02 Wow, Sherlock you did it!
You didn't do anything, right … (Best Choice)

9.03 Quiz Time
The lantern.
The fireplace.
Neither. (Correct! +80x Token)

9.04 It's like where high class people come to socialize.
It's like a secret club. (Best Choice)

9.06 Sweetie Checkpoint
Need 24,100pt
Get: 221B Academy: Well Done!'

9.06 I was okay in the end, so don't worry.
What do you mean? (Best Choice)

9.08  … Yeah, you're right.
I don't know! (Best Choice)

Chapter 10: Henry and Edward
(10 Episodes)

10.02 I can't remember.
When we were being chased by that dog … (Best Choice)

10.03 Are you threatening us?
You really can't call anyone? (Best Choice)

10.05 What were you talking about?
Is he part of this, too? (Best Choice)

10.07 Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Fluffy Layered Dress: 130 Jewel + 1 CG
Normal: Geometric Pattern Dress: 100 Jewel or 4,200 Coins

10.09 Quiz Time
A made up story.
This town.
Inside a dictionary. (Correct! +20 Power Recovery Item)

10.10 I believe in you.
Hold up your end of the bargain. (Best Choice)


1. Happy Ending
Get: 5x Story Tickets, 10x Jewels, 100x Power Recovery Item, 1x 'The Lab [Background]'

2. Blissful Ending (2 CG's)

Get: 5x Story Tickets, 25x Jewels, 200x Power Recovery Item, 1x 'Everyday Outfit (Henry)' [Him], 1x 'Cool Eyes (violet)' [Her]

Day 11: ?
(9 Episodes)

11.? Go with Sherlock (get Blissful-Ending Route B)
Go with Henry (get Blissful-Ending Route A)

Blissful-Ending Route A:
Henry's Ending (5 Episodes)

12.? 2 Picture's

Blissful-Ending Route B:
Sherlock's Ending (?/?)

12.? 2 Picture's


  1. 11.Go with Sherlock (get Blissful-Ending Route B)
    Go with Henry (get Blissful-Ending Route A)

    And in the Route A there are 5 episodes