September 8, 2016

[Walkthrough] Samurai Love Ballad (Party) - Mitsunari Ishida

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin, Samantha & Hope for this Walkthrough!)

(*Note: The first 3 Chapters are shared routes where your choice of the answers are either in favor to Ieyasu, or Mitsunari. You don't gain any Chemistry for those first 3 Chapters.)

Main Story

(Shared Routes)

Chapter 1: The Sadist's Poison

1.02 Ask him (+5 Ieyasu)
Better not risk it. (+5 Mitsunari)

1.03 Glare fiercely at Mitsunari (+5 Ieyasu)
Let Mitsunari have it (+5 Mitsunari)

Chapter 2: Manju

2.01 Be a better person. (+5 Ieyasu)
Two can play that game. (+5 Mitsunari)

2.05 And if I did? (+5 Ieyasu)
I might've done... (+5 Mitsunari)

Chapter 3: The Taste of Absolute Victory

3.02 Why do they have to die? (+5 Mitsunari)
That's no excuse for murder! (+5 Ieyasu)

3.04 Well, about that... (+5 Ieyasu)
I'm sorry... (+5 Mitsunari)

Story Mission - Avatar Mission:
Love Route: Lilac Hakama (Item Score +30): 3 Pearl's + 1CG
Fate Route: Lilac Sandals (Item Score +10): 1 Pearl or 500 Coins

Love Route: The Bloody Kindred

(*Note: Now you have to choose a route. You can choose between Ieyasu or Mitsunari. If you're not sure which one, you can always read his story Sneak a Peak.)

(Main Route)

Chapter 4: Strange Resemblances

 Part 1.0?
I don't want to be trouble... (Your Chemistry has increased +5)
But I want to go home. 

Part 2.0?
I really am just worried about her. (Your Chemistry has increased +5)
I just thought...

Story Mission - Skill Points:
Need 100 Skill Points to pass this Checkpoint

Chapter 5: Fated to Fall in Love

Part 1.0?
Nothing really... (Your Chemistry has increased +5)

Part 2.0?
 Sakon and I are out for a walk...
We wanted to get some sweets... (Your Chemistry has increased +5)

Chapter 6: In Defense of Rejection

Part 1.0?
You're right. (Your Chemistry has increased +5)
No, Sakon, you teach me. 

Part 2.0?
 That's where you're going right now?
... (Your Chemistry has increased +5)

Story Mission - Avatar Mission:
Love Route:  Wisteria Hakama (Item Score +80): 8 Pearl's + 1CG
Fate Route: Wisteria Hairpin (Item Score +50): 5 Pearls or 2.500 Coins

Love Route: Manju-Girl

Chapter 7:  The Hairpin, Dripping Blood

Part 1.0?
 Pretend to be your friend?
Be your a woman? (Your Chemistry has increased +5)

Part 2.0?
(Still, I had better not...) (Your Chemistry has increased +5)
Um... Lord Mitsunari?

Story Mission - Skill Points:
Need 8,000 Skill Points to pass this Checkpoint

Chapter 8: The Imprisoned Scholar

Part 1.0?
Lord Mitsunari, let me... (Your Chemistry has increased +5)
Treat his wound without asking.

Part 2.0?
I'm a cook, that's how we are. (Your Chemistry has increased +5)
I want to see people smile.

Chapter 9: Departure

Part 1.0?
 What was that?
Grin like an idiot (Your Chemistry has increased +5)

Part 2.0?
Well, I won't fall then! (Your Chemistry has increased +5)
Then make sure I don't! 

Story Mission - Avatar Mission:
Love Route: Formal Winter Kimono (Item Score +100): 12 Pearls + 1CG
Fate Route: Peach Hand Basket (Item Score +80): 8 Pearls or 4.000 Coins

Love Route: Clandestine Selves

Chapter 10: Creatures of the Moonlight

Part 1.0?
All you have to do is find it again. (Your Chemistry has increased +5)
There's no harm in forgetting it.

Part 2.0?
You're worried about me? (Your Chemistry has increased +5)
Sorry I can't be as good as you. 

Story Mission - Skill Points:
Need 25,000 Skill Points to pass this Checkpoint

Chapter 11: To Serve... Or Protect?

Part 1.0?
 Try to get through to him.
(Now is not the time) (Your Chemistry has increased +5)

Part 2.0?
 Don't worry about us.
We'll protect Nagahama. (Your Chemistry has increased +5)

Chapter 12: The Musk of Old Books

Part 1.0?
What're you going to do dressed like that? (Your Chemistry has increased +5)
Why are you dressed as a woman?

Part 2.0?
I might be... (Your Chemistry has increased +5)
No way!

Ending Requirement:

Divine Ending: 55 Chemistry, 43.000 Skill Points
Noble Ending: 43.000 Skill Points

Chapter 13: A Day of Eternal Sorrow
(Divine Ending)

(No choices)

(get Letter + CG + Lady Ishida Kimono)

Epilogue: ?

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