27 March, 2014

[Walkthrough] A Knight's Devotion - Lute

Main Story

Episode 1
I'd think he was a kind person.

Episode 2
It's fun having people to talk to.

Episode 3
Take Lute's hand
Silently cling to him

Episode 4
I'm glad we're safe.
Look down

Episode 5
There's no such thing as a perfect person.
Ask why

Episode 6
Lean up against Lute
Because you were nervous right?

Episode 7
Stay still
Be embarrassed

Episode 8
Who will protect me now?
Thank you.

Episode 9
Move away from Haku
You are so mean!

Episode 10
Tell him everyone's worried about him
Blame it on yourself

Episode 11
Ask why

Episode 12
Were you waiting for me?
I was so scared.

Episode 13
Turn away
I trust you.

Episode 14
Hug him
Be honest and say you're happy

Episode 15
Touch his cheek
Squeeze his hand

Happy End


Episode 1
I didn't want you to see me like that...
I'm glad to make progress.

Episode 2
I can't separate things like that.
I wanted to do something.

Episode 3
Please trust me!
Maintain your composure

Episode 4
I can count on you.
Talk to him

Episode 5
Thank you.
Go to Lute

Episode 6
You people are terrible!
Sob your heart out

Episode 7
Link arms
Mouth encouragement

Episode 8
Be pleased by Lute's words
Ask to share umbrella

Episode 9
Am I a burden?

Happy End

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