27 March 2014

[Walkthrough] A Knight's Devotion - Shion

Main Story

Episode 1
I'm sorry.
That's a cute nickname.

Episode 2
Then I'll go too.
Thank you.

Episode 3
I don't mind camping.
Leave him be

Episode 4
Your face is close...
 Ask him

Episode 5
I'm hungry.
It's my fault.

Episode 6

Episode 7
Shion, help!
Thank him for yesterday

Episode 8
About love
Touch Shion's ear

Episode 9
Stay still
You regret it, don't you...

Episode 10
Of course.
Jump in the water

Episode 11
I don't know.
What flavor is it?

Episode 12
I want you to trust me, Shion.
You're going to follow orders this time?

Episode 13
Please, save Silvia!

Episode 14
I wanted to save you no matter what.
I'm not kind.

Episode 15
I won't allow it!
I'm fine.


Episode 1
I couldn't stop looking...
I knew it!

Episode 2
I'm happy.
Wave to him

Episode 3
Thank you.
My lover.

Episode 4
I want it to be Shion.

Episode 5
Try to feed him, too

Episode 6
I'm happy.
Go back.

Episode 7
I love you.
Will you come inside my room?

Episode 8
I'm happy I get to study with Shion.
Admit it

Episode 9
I want to go with Shion.
I'm sorry.


  1. Just so you know Dawn, I'm stuck in an endless loop while reading chapter 10 of Shion's main story.

    1. That's never happened to me before :(